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Weekly Horosope: September 13-19, 2021

Things get off to an energetic start on Monday, as a lively Moon in Sagittarius gives us the drive to get things done. At least until late in the day, when it clashes with nebulous Neptune. The Sun does so the next day, causing ample confusion when it comes to our goals. Folks in charge may give mixed signals, too.

But we’re busier than ever the first two days of the week, as Mars final two days in workaholic Virgo. As well, a determined Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday helps us to buckle down and see through the fog. That same day, warrior Mars changes signs, but is not too happy about it. How to assert ourselves will be a big issue with the planet is in peace-loving Libra until October 30. In these volatile times, it might help calm some of the rhetoric on the world stage and at home.

What Libra is good at: negotiating rather than dictating, fighting for what’s right, collaborating. Mars in Libra can also light a fire in creative ventures and committed relationships, hopefully in a good way!

Luna shifts into ingenious Aquarius on Thursday and makes nice with Mars. At the same time, the Sun throws friendly beams at power-player Pluto, aligning our ambitions with our deepest needs. This might be the most productive day of the week for both innovation and practical goals.

It all comes to a screeching halt on Friday, when the Moon clashes with other planets in fixed signs. Which slows progress due to folks spending more time defending territory than cooperating. It is a good day to retreat, tie up loose ends and get ready for the weekend.

Sunnier skies are on tap for the weekend. The Moon is still in gregarious Aquarius for most of Saturday. The main aspect is to grandiose Jupiter, so a small outing with friends might turn into a social event of epic proportions. There’s a beautiful sense of being in the right place at the right time no matter where you are that continues into Sunday. Luna is then in compassionate Pisces, and a trine to love goddess Venus brings a lighter note to relationships.

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