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Some of the stellar feedback recently received . . .

“Over the past 25-plus years, I have trusted Susan Kelly’s astrological readings. Her consultations are superbly informed by deep knowledge of the theory and art of astrology. Beyond her luminous discernment of planetary patterns in a person’s chart, Susan is a compassionate soul who conveys her insights with kindness and tact. I first met her when she was president of Astrology Montreal, presiding at talks and workshops that constellated a lively community of professional astrologers and enthusiasts. A gifted writer, Susan’s horoscope columns and feature articles have appeared in a range of magazines and online publications. Her astrological craft has resulted in groundbreaking perceptions on fashion trends, including planetary influences on style shifts in apparel and interior design (including astrologically informed fengshui). Whether one is motivated to understand the energies governing one’s life, or a trend-sensitive endeavour, Susan’s astrological consultations are consistently uplifting and a joy to experience.”

Jennifer Fisher, Professor, Contemporary Art and Curatorial Studies, York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada

“Susan was at my side during a very difficult time in my life. Her ability to understand and walk you though her readings in a way that anyone can understand is worth its weight in gold.  She knows her astrology, plain and simple. I recommend Susan 1,000%.

Anthony D, Montreal, Quebec Canada

“Gen Z first-timer here, and I am amazed how much information and insight I got from the reading with Susan. Wow! My reading was spot on, really clarified a lot of things for me. A return session is now in the budget. Thank you, Susan!!!”

MJ, Laval, Quebec Canada

“Engaged, compassionate, knowledgeable and wise; What more can I say? I highly recommend Susan Kelly as an astrologer.”

Sharon C, San Diego, California USA

“I can’t thank you enough, Susan. The reading was especially helpful. I know enough astrology to know there are major planetary shifts coming—but not enough to understand what they mean for me. You really helped put things in perspective, and now the path ahead looks far less scary. In fact I’m looking forward to the journey!”

Michael S, Lausanne, Switzerland

“Susan can give you insight into all areas of your life to understand the patterns. And why you do what you do and what you need to do to reach your goals, personally and professionally. I especially look forward to her monthly Stellar Salon informal webinars and rely on the insights they provide for the month ahead.”

MS, Montreal, Quebec Canada


“I have been acquainted with Susan’s work since early 1990’s.  Her craft in and dedication to this ancient field of knowledge spanning millennia and cultures seems to me to have grown in insight and finesse, along with her personal evolution.  And, remarkably, she’s always up to the minute with what’s ‘latest’ in current events.  A cultural treasure in and of herself!” – Marie T, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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