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You are cosmic by design.

Astrology is a sure guide as you wend your way through

the galaxies of possibilities that lie before you.

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

1.25 hours  /   $85 

This session is devoted to exploring your personal life design as reflected in the position of the planets when you were born. And learning how these celestial influences contributed to who you are today.

We'll then examine the Big Picture and hone in on the cycles unfolding over the next 6 months.

During our 1.25 hours together, we can discuss your astrology and how it relates to areas that most concern you, such as:

  • career and/or life direction

  • relationship needs, wants, successes or pitfalls

  • family dynamics

  • financial, wealth and abundance indictors

  • well-being and self care

What you'll need to book a reading: The date of your birth (month, day, year) and EXACT birthtime (birth certificates are the best sources), plus the place where you were born. From this info, I will construct a map of the sky using a specialized computer program. I also will ask you for some personal information and what you expect to gain from a reading.

The session is conducted via Zoom or telephone and recorded. I will provide you with an MP3 file immediately afterward.

The aim is to help you make better choices as you go forward, armed with a deeper understanding of your chart and yourself, and the challenges and triumphs that lie before you. 

Relationship Reading

Further Explorations

Starting at $45

Find Your Guiding Star
Once you’ve had a reading, it quickly becomes apparent that western astrology is more about the planets of our solar system than the stars. 
But there is an ancient system handed down from the Sumerians that does. It involves what are known as fixed stars and their rising and setting when viewed from earth.
I have a special software designed by eminent astrologer Bernadette Brady that not only calculates their positions but provides an insightful report.
Find your guiding stars and learn which other ones have shone at different times in your life. 
Fixed Star Report: $25, Add a half-hour chat with me about the results for $40


Specific Issue Consult
Sometimes clients want to discuss a specific issue. I am happy to do that, and the fee includes both the consultation and the research conducted beforehand.
Fee: $85/hour

Baby Report
Stuck for the perfect gift for new parents? What better gift than a peek into their little one’s future. I personally edit a computer-generated report, then send to you in pdf to print and bind. You can also add a 1.25 hour consultation for $85.
Prices start at $45

yearly Transit Reading

Yearly or Bi-Yearly Update

1.25 hours  /   $85

We explored your personal universe in the initial session. Or, maybe you already know a lot about your chart. Now its time to focus more on the Big Picture and then hone in on the astrological cycles and how they affect you over the next 6 months. 

In this session, I will use techniques called transits and progressions to look at the present and futures cycles that are unfolding.


Depending on what is highlighted, you may wish to focus on:

* career and life direction
* relationship needs, wants or pitfalls
* family dynamics
* financial, wealth and abundance indicators
* wellness and self care 

The aim: to arm you with a deeper understanding of who you are and what challenges and triumphs lie before you.

This session is conducted via Zoom or telephone and recorded. I will provide you with an MP3 file immediately afterward.

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