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Weekly Horoscope: Week of September 9, 2019

Reality? Check! Or is it just fantasy? We tend to leap before we look this week, only to land in quicksand. But with a little effort, we can use this week’s aspects to gain important clarity.

The leadup to the Full Moon, slated for Saturday, September 14 at 12:33 am ET, sets the tone. With the Moon in Pisces opposing the Sun in Virgo, it’s an optimal time to open ourselves to new spiritual insights. At the same time, we can gain greater control of our mundane lives, including work and health.

This lunation highlights the third and final Jupiter-square-Neptune aspect of the year. The third one is always the charm, astrologically. Which means we have the opportunity to resolve any associated issues we’ve been wrestling with this year.

The Jupiter-Neptune square brings a clash of Sagittarian and Piscean issues: fantasy v. reality, bold risks v. indolence, spiritual truth v. religious dogma, self aggrandizement v. humility, and so on.

Best use: Both signs are big on improv, quickly reacting to change. Let down our shield of scepticism and be open to suggestion; the trick is to not be swept away. Stop procrastinating and take a calculated risk. And, if necessary, face up to any addictive or self-defeating patterns.

To avoid: Mindless gut actions and reactions, over-gullibility, taking on too much too quickly, or using our intuitive insights to wound rather than heal.

In the wee hours of September 10, the analytical Sun in Virgo directly opposes illusory Neptune. We may feel like we’re drifting in a fog all day Monday and Tuesday. Important decisions may be almost impossible to make, as it is hard to get a fix on what is what. What is easy and productive: meditation and mindful pursuits or those devoted to creativity or self-care.

Fears of, Hamlet-like, losing the name of action arise on Thursday, September 12. That’s when dynamic Mars squares off with excessive Jupiter. Impulsivity rules, so watch for erratic behaviour (chez vous and with others, especially on the road). We may tend to overdo it, though, perhaps trying to either deny or force the hand of the above-mentioned aspects.

After a week of hard inner work, two planets help us switch from work to play mode on the weekend. On Saturday, September 14, both Mercury and Venus move into graceful and gracious Libra. This is one of the settings in which these planets shine. It’s a sign that favours socializing, and personal relationships based on communication, diplomacy and fairness.

Until October 8, these planets will bring out appreciation of the trappings of artful living: good design, fashion and things fashionable, haute cuisine, mingling at gallery openings and other arts-oriented gatherings.

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