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Weekly Horoscope: April 22-28, 2024

We’re not in Kansas anymore, thanks to last Saturday’s whirlwind conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. In the aftermath, we look ahead to glorious, full-technicolour new possibilities as we strive to regain our footing.


Equilibrium is elusive on Monday, though. Even though the Moon is in equitable Libra, it clashes along the way with erratic Uranus come evening. Partners may throw us curve balls which call for spontaneous responses. Our best strategy is to put a Band-Aid and resolve them another day.


Because everything, but everything, feels that much more intense as we head into Tuesday’s galvanic Full Moon in Scorpio, exact at 7:49 pm ET.  Resistance is futile when it comes to transformation now, with ultimate personal empowerment the goal.  But first, we may have to dig deep to mine the nugget of what holds most meaning for us, which might involve confronting some dark truths. And if we’ve allowed any toxic situations or people to make us feel less than, now will be the time to take a stand. Or even walk away if that’s what it takes to embrace our personal power. 


A lunar trine to Saturn brings stability back into our neighborhood on Wednesday, April 24.  With no other aspects kicking up a ruckus, we’re able to catch our breath and process some of what has transpired of late.


Thursday brings welcome relief as Mercury ends its retrograde motion. Now direct in fiery Aries, we can look back over past three weeks and ask ourselves how we can put what we've learned into action. We’ll want to take the direct approach in communications, making our point succinctly and with more confidence. But the planet is still moving slowly, so we’d be wise to postpone major moves like signing a contract or lease for a week or so, if we can.


By Friday, the Moon charges into freewheeling Sagittarius. With no major aspects to impede it, we can luxuriate in more social and freedom-loving beams. The party atmosphere continues into Saturday, though some irritating aspects may fleetingly cloud the skies from time to time. It’s a great time to spend time with like-minded people especially outdoors or while participating in a sport or adventure activity.


We’re way more chill on Sunday, as Luna moves into family-oriented Capricorn.  It’s also a strategic and ambitious signs, so we may want to give some thought about our next career moves. But mostly we’ll be rocking rose-coloured glasses under a Mars-Neptune conjunction that perfects just after midnight. All day long, there will be a pink haze of idealization and romance around our creative and/or love lives. Enjoy the good vibes, but remember to maintain some healthy skepticism in the face of any big ask. There can also be powerful healing opportunities for those willing to let go of the past.

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