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Weekly Horoscope: April 29-May 5, 2024

Venus and Mars gain home court advantage this week, giving us a fresh burst of can-do energy and renewed appreciation for the good life.


On Monday, April 29, Venus moves into Taurus, where she will luxuriate until May 23. In traditional astrology, the planet is renowned as a benefic, or helpful influence. And feels right at home in the sign of the Bull, exerting an ultra stabilizing and grounded effect with an added dash of subtle, sweet sensuality.


Venus helps us appreciate earthly delights and spoil ourselves, but thanks to Taurus' thrifty nature, without breaking the bank. It’s a good time to add touches of beauty to your spaces, like new plants in the garden, fresh flowers on the table or new artwork on the walls. And do find time to share some sweet moments with people you care about. Venus in Taurus is all about relaxation, too, and taking the time to stop and smell the roses.


The next day, April 30, action-star Mars zips into its home sign of Aries from Tuesday, April 30 until June 9. This placement stokes the fires of drive and motivation, and brings the courage to take the initiative, even if we have to fly solo. If there is anything we want to accomplish, until June 10 it will help give us vim and vigour to do so. Physical energy is high and requires an outlet in activities like sports or yard work.


 Mars in Aries is all about fierce passion and warrior-like nature; obstacles are regarded as annoyances to be removed and immediately. We’re able to assert ourselves with greater confidence, which is good. The downside: rampant egos and road rage incidences, so proceed with caution.


On Wednesday, May 1, love goddess Venus gets into a power struggle with manipulator Pluto. We may be overly sensitive to behaviours we deem domineering and prepared to resist at all costs. Rather than stubbornly clinging to our point of view or way of doing things, it might be good to get the to root of what’s really bothering you. Flexibility is called for.


Speaking of Pluto, it turns retrograde on Thursday and will remain so until October 11. Now in Aquarius, the sign of innovation and revolution, this shift is like hitting the brakes on recent realizations about needed transformation. A period of deep self-reflection can be productive, mostly about Aquarian big picture stuff: technology, societal structures, and how we all fit into the bigger picture. But may have to exercise more patience with our team or about reaching goals for a while.


Friday’s outlook is dynamic, as Mars in Aries makes an ally of Pluto. The red planet in Aries gives the drive and courage to take action while Pluto helps us identify that which need to go and the steps to take to install a new order. The Moon in insightful Pisces helps us make wise choices. But a discouraging lunar encounter with Saturn in the early evening can make us doubt if it's all worth it.


The Moon remains in the sign of the Fish on Saturday. And it encounters both high-minded Jupiter and spiritual Neptune, making it a  particularly auspicious time for meditation and mindful pursuits. Philanthropic and creative endeavours also receive benefic beams. It all changes later afternoon, though, when Luna bolts into energetic Aries making us more focused on action and the outer world. 


The trend carries into Sunday when a restless spring-fever energy prevails. We’ll likely be happiest finding a physical outlet that challenges our abilities, like hiking, biking or even an adventure sport. But the absence of major aspects creates a clean slate, with nothing preventing us from seeing where serendipity takes us.


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