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Weekly Horoscope: April 15-21, 2024

All aboard the innovation rollercoaster in a week of highs and lows leading up to Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus in Taurus.


Expect the unexpected! For some time we’ve been feeling the effects in the leadup to Saturday’s once-in-every-14-years meetup of Jupiter and Uranus in the sky. Previously, such collabs have led to exciting new growth and expansion, (think first man walking on the Moon) even quantum leaps. And that goes on both the personal and collective levels.


So important is this aspect, it’s worth a separate post. Until then, expect a fast pace and plenty of surprises (good and not-so). You’ll likely also feel extremely restless and craving more excitement in your life. The desire for more freedom might make any restricting circumstances unbearable. Because it’s happening in Taurus, this one might be more about reforming and/or repurposing something rather than jettisoning the old for something completely new.


Look for safety valves (like escape the routine for a day rather than quitting altogether!) and make some plans. Be open to new experiences and passions. Dare to dream and very big: what would your life be like if the impossible were possible?  Avoid major moves immediately, though, as Mercury is still retrograde, possibly clouding your thinking.


On Monday, the Moon in security-loving Cancer finds allies throughout the day that help us lean into the chaotic energies without being swept away. Trouble can arise midafternoon, as we may feel pushed too hard, too fast. But by evening we are able to take the higher ground and gain perspective.


Luna moves into fiery Leo in the wee hours on Tuesday. An early clash with Pluto might disturb our sleep as past power struggles come back to haunt us. A dearth of other aspects for the rest of the day provide a blank slate on which to explore the sign’s penchant for indulging in play or luxuries.


Wednesday is more dynamic. A lunar trine to Mercury in the morning helps us to communicate and negotiate. Venus also meets up with the North Node that day, which could bring significant developments in relationships. And late in the day the Moon triggers the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, spurring us to inspired action.


Mid-morning Thursday, April 18, Luna enters workaholic Virgo. We’re less likely to want to indulge in life’s pleasures, more apt to see how many tasks we can cross off the to-do list. As the day wears on, we also feel the effects of Mercury’s conjunction with Venus. Both are in Aries, giving us the courage to speak our hearts. Spontaneous outpourings can be creatively inspired.


On Friday, the atmosphere is highly charged as driven Mars makes a helpful alliance with the Jupiter-Uranus aspect that perfects the next day. This will up the voltage, but also can help us see how we might best apply the emerging energies in our lives going forward.


The weekend outlook is a mixed bag. After Saturday’s excitement, Sunday can feel like hangover. It can also present something of an emotional minefield. Love-goddess Venus, who also has dominion over all types of relationships, conjoins Chiron, which can point out any unhealthy patterns in our rapports. The ego-driven Sun also squares off with Pluto, the planet of psychotherapy.  As we try to get to the bottom of issues—always a good thing—we’ll need to remember to avoid being too brutal or blunt.

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