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It's here! Tips for Working with Eclipse Energy

It’s today, exact at 2:21 pm ET.. Creating astronomical hoopla, and highly impactful astrologically as the effects can last 6 months or more.

Things always seem more intense around an eclipse, even if we can't see it. And so it is I find with what is going on now, both in the world and on a very personal level. Many people have been telling me for some days that they feel out of synch, or even like things are spinning out of control. And so I thought it was time to share some insights.

How a solar eclipse works: The Sun emits life-giving light and continually downloads the energy to our planet that makes life possible. As it does so, it does a regular dance with the Moon, every two weeks meeting up (New Moon) or opposing (Full Moon).

A solar eclipse is a New Moon in which a disruption occurs to the download. The Moon essentially blocks light from the Sun, our energy source.

But it is like a regular New Moon in that it acts to reset—only this time it is a major reboot! During which all systems are not a go. If we try to run the same old programs after an eclipse, things will not work out as before.

Then, a new energy stream enters your life. Where depends very much on where it falls in your chart. It could be you begin to see your partnerships, including the main one, in a new light. Or maybe it’s your work life, health or some other area of your life.

Some of you will find this one quite energizing, even exhilarating. Others will feel a little fried. Today, part of me wants to join the throngs viewing the eclipse, the other wants to spend the time in deep meditation. Because in the time of recalibration, very often we feel a void. It’s as if the whole world has gone dark. We feel like Something is Happening—if only we knew what!

It can temporarily throw our lives, on a personal and world scale, into chaos. The eclipse cycle, after all, has shifted to the “War and Peace” axis, Aries and Libra respectively. Some of you will experience some anxiety as you resist the void and try to make some sense of what you’re feeling now.

Which is why I always suggest not scheduling big events or projects around an eclipse. In fact, it’s always best to try to schedule more downtime away from the grind at these times.

Lie low and tune into what has been calling to your soul. Eclipses involve the lunar nodes of destiny as well. What deeper call are you hearing? Take notes as it could be important.

It’s especially important to be mindful now, I find.

This eclipse is at 19 degrees of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and all about “me-me-me.” How you react depends on where it falls in your chart, but for all of us, themes relating to autonomy, identity, and freedom will arise. This sign is about unabashed zeal and courage, fierce confidence and solopreneur ingenuity. So the eclipse challenges us to tap into our inner strength and resilience. To dig deep and see illumined our true desires, aspirations and goals.

And, just as the Moon blocks the sun during a solar eclipse, we’ll glean insight into whatever is standing in our way. Which could mean taking a hard look at an unfulfilling relationship or job, or acknowledging that we really should make a move, perhaps of location. This solar eclipse will illuminate whatever is stifling you and not allowing you to shine.

Make no mistake, eclipses are powerful; their effects can last up to six months. And if you play your cards right, you can be realigned for a whole new future.

What are you feeling now? What eclipse messages are your receiving?

Feel free to post and share….

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