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Weekly Horoscope: April 8-14, 2024

Monday’s New Moon in Aries was a supermoon AND a total solar eclipse! My previous post was all about it….. In a nutshell, it marked a monumental shift or fresh start for most of us. But with Mercury retrograde in close collusion, it might take a while to get a clear bead on what direction to take. Target the end of the month for all (or most) to be revealed.


On Tuesday, the Moon moves into peaceful Taurus, helping us to pause and try to integrate some of the powerful emotions many of us felt during the celestial event.


Doubts and confusion can arise on Wednesday, April 10, as gung-ho Mars collides with Saturn. Both are in the sign of the dreamer, Pisces. We might get an un-gentle reminder that we need to create some IRL structure to realize our ideal life. It’s best to regard any setback as a reminder to get a plan and be patient and realistic about carrying it out. And to trust that intuition will prove the surest guide now, even if it clashes with cold, hard logic. This is a supremely creative combo, so we may feel called to dance, write, paint or otherwise find non-linear ways to express our feelings now.


By Thursday, though, the Moon moves into communicative Gemini. We’re confident in both word and deed, thanks to the empowering Sun syncing with articulate Mercury in assertive Aries. We may shoot from the lip, boldly sure that our ideas will hit the mark. But our spontaneous outpouring may misfire with others since the winged planet is still in retrograde motion. It’s best to slow down and be willing to hear other people out. Delay important moves; in a word, don’t quit your day job!


The Moon squares off with first taskmaster Saturn, then feisty Mars on Friday morning. We may feel overburdened with menial duties and like folks in power are not supporting us. By afternoon, more genial aspects take over, making it an excellent time to knock off work early and get together with kindred spirits.


Saturday morning could feel like a hangover even if we didn’t overindulge, with the Moon in logical Gemini obfuscated by nebulous Neptune. With Mars in difficult aspect to Pluto, we may feel like others are taking unhelpful actions, but we’re not sure how to react. Luna drifts into Cancer’s waters midday, bringing a strong urge to stay home and lie low. We can find solace in the bosom of our loved ones, but not until evening, a trend that carries into Sunday. Trends favour get-togethers with people we care about, even if some folks are a bit touchy. And if home improvements are on the agenda, it’s easy to get others onboard under a cooperative and supportive lunar influence.



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