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Weekly Horoscope: Week of September 30 - October 6, 2019

Ah, sweet mystery of life! Or is it? The urge to take charge and get to the bottom of things is strong this week.

We may be inclined to use other less benign adjectives as the week begins. Any illusions we may have about our relationships—with others, a company or a cause we have a lot invested in, or our finances—fall away. Plus, any new attractions will be both compelling and baffling.

Chalk it up to love goddess Venus’ clash with power-monger Pluto on Tuesday, October 1. We tend to view everything as a power or control issue, and somewhat ironically try to return the favour by issuing ultimatums.

Or, issues may arise n which fairness and the right thing (Venus in Libra) get the kibosh from those in authority who cite practicality or tradition as justification (Pluto in Capricorn). This is a good time to clear the air, but first set ground rules, play fair and be supremely respectful.

Speaking of Pluto, on Thursday, October 5, it resumes direct motion after a 5-month snooze. Time to stop brooding and start acting, especially about all the big changes you want to make in your life. Do think long-term and strategic, something both this planet and the sign it is in, Capricorn, excel at. This is crucial in the leadup to 2020.

Also on Thursday, an air of mystery enters our communication style. That’s because expressive Mercury enters Scorpio, a sign that loves to keep it a closed book. And revels in reading between the lines of what others say. Our communications can be more reserved and thoughtful, yet edgier, more insightful and intense. This placement is also good for working on our EQ, or emotional intelligence quotient, a very wise investment now.

On Friday, warrior Mars begins to take a kinder, gentler approach as it changes into something Libra until November 19. The assertive planet is hampered in conflict-averse sign of the scales. For the next six weeks, our diplomatic skills can take a big step forward, as can any creative projects or sidelines. We’ll be more inclined to play fair, even if it leads to frustration or more pressure. The downside: decision-making is difficult when we feel such a strong need to take others’ concerns into consideration.

Forget day of rest on Sunday, October 6. Best not try to do chores, either. We’ll be all fired up, the synapses in our brains sparking on all cylinders, as Mercury opposes Uranus in the wee hours of the next day. Last-minute changes to the schedule are likely as is a stroke of genius or Eureka! moment. We’re more comfortable making it up as we go along than sticking to a schedule. Take that route, a

nd you never know to what wonderful and exciting places improvisation can take you.

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