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Weekly Horoscope: September 7-13, 2020

We get mixed signals this week with two planets changing direction. But if we take time to read the signs, we can begin to plot a positive new course.

The week kicks off on a serene note with the Moon in sensible and sensual Taurus. On a day traditionally devoted to labour, we’re more sybaritically inclined as it makes superb alliances with other players in the solar system. It’s an optimal day to look at the big picture and set up realistic plans that will support your wider aspirations, too. And spoil ourselves and those we love with a few of the good things in life.

On Tuesday, September 8, luna goes void of course in the morning, making it difficult to get back to the same-old routine. It will take until the evening, ET, to shift into communicative Gemini. A flurry of emails and other missives could result.

The atmosphere is charged with suppressed tension on Wednesday, the day Mars stalls. It is shifting into backward motion. When any planet does so, what it represents is up for review. In this case: vital physical energy, entrepreneurial spirit, desire to initiate. For the next two months, it may be harder to start anything new or muster competitiveness.

That same day, the Sun trines expansive Jupiter. So despite slower progress, we can now feel optimistic about the future. The trick is not to overdo it or let overconfidence make us reckless. Because as soon as Friday, when the Sun opposes Neptune, we can find our resistance lower to infections or negative energies.

Saturday, September 12, marks giant Jupiter’s awakening as it shifts into forward motion. While in retrograde, we had an opportunity to gain a kind of gritty faith in an uncertain future and our ability to survive. The station is conjunct the visionary fixed start Rukbat, helping us to widen our vision and begin to initiate and communicate. We may get a glimmer of the major changes coming at the end of 2020.

Until then, Jupiter is still in practical and earthy Capricorn, and favours practical dreamers.

The Moon is in family-oriented Cancer on Saturday, making it a day best spent with people who love and support us. It shifts into playful and romance-minded Leo on Sunday, September 13, around noon ET. Venus is also nearing its annual square with Uranus, planet of sudden stops and starts. Some of us may do a abrupt about-face in a relationship or our finances, either reversing course or taking a quantum leap forward.

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