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Weekly Horoscope: September 4-10, 2023

We can ride waves of positive and productive aspects this week between the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. But with Mercury still retrograde, it’s not the time for big decisions or action.

Monday brings the unofficial last day of summer; almost time to get back to our labour! A Moon in pleasure-loving Taurus helps us to relax and enjoy what time we have off. Mercury’s trine to ebullient Jupiter helps us to be serenely efficient. And get organized and plan for the future, if we care to spend time doing so, and whistle while we work.

On the same day, Jupiter is almost at a standstill, preparing to resume retrograde motion. It will back up in the cautious sign of Taurus until December 30, offering up opportunities to review our processes. This is a good time to pare with an eye to getting down to basics: which people, systems, lifehacks, environment is essential to your ideal life. With Mercury and now every planet from Jupiter out to Pluto retrograde, it’s not the time to implement. But it is a good idea to look at goals and wish lists drawn up before mid-August. And set up long-term strategies, plans and budgets for later launch.

The Sun and Pluto are testy alignment on Tuesday, which could bring a temporary squall of power plays that seem pointless and come from out of nowhere. The Moon’s shift into Gemini late in the day helps us to talk it out, but a square to Saturn around bedtime could mean the dreamscape is less-than-optimistic.

The Sun joins forces with Mercury, both in detail-oriented Virgo, on Wednesday. This is a productive time for self-promoting communications and goal-setting. We might want to send off some resumes or exploratory emails, or draft a business plan for our side hustle. Quiet confidence is our best ally now, though with the Moon in Gemini making anxious aspects, we may have to make an extra effort to access this quality and keep on track.

Try to get most of the left-brained or detail work out of the way early on Thursday. By late afternoon, Luna in usually clear-minded Gemini squares nebulous Neptune. Getting anything done can feel like herding cats. We’re happiest vegging in a park or on the couch, letting our minds drift or perhaps catching up on binge-watching or an art project.

The workweek ends with a crescendo of optimism and good vibes as the usually cautious Sun in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus. Opportunities can spring up that will propel us towards important goals, with luck and self-confidence on our side. Career and finances flourish. One caution: we can veer into overconfidence during Jupiter aspects, which can lead to accidents. A tricky Mars-Uranus minor aspect can mean they happen when we least expect.

Home is where the heart is for most of the weekend. The Moon in Cancer helps us find content spending time with folks we care about or sprucing up our nests. A nice aspect to surprising Uranus in the evening could mean some impromptu get-togethers and happy times. Early risers could get into a tiff on Sunday morning when Luna takes on power-conscious Pluto. It’s best to postpone discussions of sensitive issues. Instead, lie low and enjoy a leisurely brunch. The Moon’s shift into playful and sociable Leo around noon shakes off any doldrums.

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