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Weekly Horoscope: September 25-October 1, 2023

A breath of fresh fall air! This week we experience Libra season on steroids – in a good way. Harmony reigns in the leadup to a Full Moon amidst dynamic and social energy.

Monday brings a flurry of bright ideas as Mercury makes a "three-peat" (thanks to the recent retrograde) trine to think-big Jupiter. We can tap into quiet confidence now, as both planets are in practical Earth signs. It’s time to be both visionary and down-to-earth. And with the gas giant now backing up in the skies in stubborn Taurus, we can avoid the Jupiter trap of overshooting the mark.

Tuesday brings some emotional turbulence, though. Early on, the Moon in freedom-loving Aquarius opposes romantic diva Venus in Leo, making it difficult to express what is really in our hearts. Then both square off with erratic Uranus in Taurus. We may break things off with someone out of stubbornness and regret it later. Or find ourselves feeling frustrated and indecisive.

We may find it hard to let things go on Wednesday, September 27, as Mercury and Chiron form a frictional aspect. But a Moon in compassionate Pisces helps us to see the Big Picture. And to forgive and live and let live, especially in the evening when it trines far-seeing amicable Jupiter.

Thursday’s astro agenda is full of harmonious lunar aspects. An early sextile to inventive Uranus brings a slew of creative solutions. And a conjunction with Neptune puts empathy and intuition off the charts. We are able to instinctively know what others require. And perhaps use Piscean subtlety to gently forward our agenda.

Meanwhile, energy has been building ahead of the Full Moon in Aries at 5:58 am ET on Friday. With every such lunation the Sun and Moon stand in opposition, bringing both awareness of and a chance to resolve very different agendas. This one also marks the fourth and final supermoon, when the night orb is closest to Earth, of the year. Which intensifies its effects.

The opposing forces: Moon in Aries needs above all to be its own, unique self and forge a pioneering path with gusto. Sun in Libra cannot make a move without consultation, weighing alternatives and working in tandem.

This Full Moon can bring the Aries fiery, dynamic ambition to the fore, adding a spark of action and ambition to the laidback Libra season. Aries energy is about pushing ahead and worrying about consequences later. Because its ruler, Mars, is also in Libra now we are invited to proceed at a more measured pace. Others’ viewpoints and opinions do matter, and with some effort we can balance initiative with consideration. Which can lead to some inspired and enlightened leadership, metaphorically or for real.

If you’ve been bottling up any anger or frustration, it might be triggered now, too. Find a harmless way to release it, the more creative the better. Because also on Friday, Venus in Leo makes her third and final square-off with spontaneous Uranus. Think back to July 2 and August 9, the dates of the first two clashes, for clues. This aspect crackles with excitement in the boudoir and studio, as it electrifies the goddess of amour and artistry.

Uranus can bring revolution, creative and sudden change. This could involve falling hopelessly in love or setting new parameters in a relationship. Or taking a quantum leap forward in a creative project. Above all, Venus in Leo is about coming from the heart and having the courage to express the love within it.

By Saturday, leveler heads prevail as mental Mercury trines Uranus. If you didn’t get a chance to explore any new or inventive approaches to current problems, then this would be a good time to do so. It will take your mind off other things, as both the Sun and Mars making tetchy aspects to Uranus, expect some erratic behaviour.

Things simmer down by evening, as the Moon enters her fave sign of Taurus. We’re content to hoe our own row and let others do the same. And seek simple but sybaritic pleasures. An evening spa or dinner party might be both sumptuous and enjoyable.

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