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Weekly Horoscope: September 18-24, 2023

Conflicting trends of confusion and clarity prevail as Virgo season draws to a close and the equinox ushers in a new Libra cycle.

The Moon enters intense and laser-focused Scorpio on Monday and forms helpful alliances along the way. We find it easier to hone in on what is most needed under a Saturn trine and to form empathic connections thanks to Mercury.

Tuesday brings the annual opposition of the Sun and nebulous Neptune. Confusion is rampant and efforts fail to gel. The core issue is one of sacrifice versus service, how much to give and when is it enough. We may become aware that new boundaries need to be set.

Wednesday brings a more positive trend. Past transgressions can be forgiven. But the Moon, which enters restless Sagittarius in the morning, is confined by Saturn until early afternoon, dampening our spirits and initiative. Impatience can lead to not hearing others if we’re not careful.

Luna in the gregarious sign of the Archer enters a better circle of zodiac friends on Thursday, September 21. The support leads to greater confidence, initiative and bonhomie filling the atmosphere Talking up our ambitions now can lead to big things later.

The need for a better life-work balance may come to light on Friday with the quarter Moon in Capricorn. An enervating aspect between Mars in equilibrium-seeking Libra and pessimistic Saturn in Pisces may bring temporary feelings of hopelessness. Once the Moon enters level-headed Capricorn at 4:20pm ET, we get our groove and grit back. And are able to set better priorities.

The weekend outlook is social and productive. In the wee hours of Saturday, the Sun enters graceful and fair-minded Libra. This equinox means the sign of the Scales sets the 4-week agenda, a time to focus on returning balance to areas of your life that need it. And life is better a deux during this time that favours joint ventures. Beauty and harmony become prime aspirations, and it’s easier to keep an open mind. Existing relationships may take a more serious turn and new ones start with an eye to longevity.

The Moon is in industrious Capricorn for most of the weekend. While in this serious sign, we may wish to focus on our ambitions and long-term strategy. But with mostly harmonious aspects, an active and amiable social life is not out of the question.

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