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Weekly Horoscope: September 12-18, 2022

Creative partnerships, imagination and creativity are favoured this week. As the same time, he-said/she-said situations abound as Mercury continues its backward course through relationship-minded Libra.

The week starts with the Moon in action-packed Aries. But an angst-ridden quincunx between the Sun and Saturn gives us pause and perhaps too many doubts for comfort. And it’s best to avoid important conversations come evening, as the Moon square Pluto can blow things out of proportion and trigger anger.

On Tuesday, Luna enters the Bull’s calmer pasture. But some discomfiting aspects can mean mixed or misinterpreted signals in a relationship or money matter that leads to mix-ups.

Wednesday/Hump Day gets off to a tranquil and self-indulgent start, with the Moon making nice with Venus. By late afternoon, it conjuncts electrifying Uranus. A chance encounter or happy hour could lead to the start of something eye-opening, perhaps even live altering. A square to Saturn in the evening calls a reality check, though.

Speaking of reality, night owls will get a rate opportunity on Thursday, September 15. In the wee hours, the Moon in Taurus forms a grand trine in practical, results-oriented earth signs with the Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. A good time to set some far-reaching goals.

By Friday, the Moon has moved to curious and chatty Gemini. Shooting from the lip early in the day might not have the desired effect. Overly assertive and aggressive exchanges may be hard to avoid. A Sun-Neptune opposition makes it hard to get anything done of a tangible nature. An afternoon off to hit the spa, hammock or arts outing would be ideal and soul-nourishing.

The low-energy trend continues into Saturday, with the Moon compounding the escapist tendencies. A productive and grounding Sun-Pluto trine on Sunday brings us back to earth—in a good way. And home is where the heart is then as Luna enters its natural abode, the sign of Cancer. We may want to hunker in the bunker, literally or figuratively, but had best get out of the bunny slippers mid-day. Lively aspects could mean surprise guests or invites. And some very lively verbal exchanges.

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