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Weekly Horoscope: October 28 - November 3, 2019

Moving on or falling back? We’re not sure this week, but rest assured the wheels are in motion.

On Monday, October 28, we’re still feeling the effects of the annual New Moon in intense Scorpio, which this time gets a lightning bolt from quirky awakener Uranus.

It can bring profound insight into how our lives must transform. Trouble is, good ol’ reality (not to mention the boss, landlord, bank manager, spouse or partner) is slow to take the quantum leap with us.

With Mars under fire from both Saturn and Neptune, it can all seem like a lot of effort for very little results. Feelings of burnout or ‘what’s the use?’ are also possible. Fortunately, this passes quickly.

We have other things to think about, anyway. Because Wednesday marks a meetup of communicative Mercury and amorous Venus in sensual Scorpio. Need to express your heart of maybe a private passion?

This combo gives the courage to voice your feelings. And to venture into new intimacy territory. In fact, conversations of all kinds will take on deeper meaning now. Double entendres tend to fly at these times, too.

This aspect traditionally favours buying and selling as well, especially of real estate. But not this year. On the following day, October 31, the planet Mercury turns retrograde. Which means the mind can play tricks on us that aren’t a treat! In the secretive sign of Scorpio, it can bring revelations about people or events in our past.

As well, for the next three weeks confusion in communications and information abounds. Also glitches in electronic devices and travel plans. Signing important documents is not favoured; if you must do so, double and triple check the fine print. The good: reviewing and re-evaluating what’s working and what’s not.

On Friday, November 1, Venus gallops into enthusiastic Sagittarius. The love planet also has to do with finances, so we3 might follow the money to foreign countries. Likewise love with someone from abroad may appeal. Is there a segment on 90 Day Fiancé in your future? In any event, it will help kick off the holiday season early, with perhaps a flurry of invites. Or seasonal overspending.

The Moon is still in sober Capricorn on Saturday. Tiffs with Mars and Pluto could mar the otherwise jovial outlook.

But we’re more than willing to compensate for any social sacrifice on Sunday. The Moon shifts to gregarious Aquarius at 6:19 am ET, with DST ending and an extra hour for revels.

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