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Weekly Horoscope: October 26 - November 1, 2020

Could an ever-intense Scorpio season become even more so? Make that a resounding “yes” in the leadup to a chaotic and revealing Full Moon on Halloween.

And yet, as two planets shift into Libra early in the week, we long for balance and to give peace a chance. Mercury, still in retrograde motion, backpedals into that sign on Tuesday, October 27. Myriad mix-ups and communications snafus bring up questions of fairness and likely impact the provincial elections out West and the home stretch to the presidential election down south.

On the same day, love goddess Venus enters Libra for a four-week stay. She has home-sign advantage here and adds much-needed grace and finesse to all partnerships in both our personal and business lives. Art beauty and entertaining also come under her aegis and tend to flourish.

On Wednesday, the Moon enters can-do Mars. But it is still retrograde, and the Sun is making a challenging quincunx to healer Chiron. All to say over the next two days it is best to not give in to a “damn the torpedoes” impulse or overtax ourselves, or do anything that would endanger our health.

No decision will be a wise one around mid-day on Friday. Luna opposes indecisive retro Mercury and then goes void-of-course, making it double problematic. But a good time for an afternoon off to just drift or indulge in mindful pursuits.

It all culminates on Saturday, October 31, at 10:49 am ET. Full Moons have a way of making us all want to get out and howl, which this time could be intense! Spontaneous and wired Uranus is involved in this Blue Moon, that fairly rare time when two such lunations fall in one calendar month. So we may surprise ourselves and join in a Zoom costume party. Or, since it is in sensual Taurus, improvise an at-home spa day, gourmet feast or other delight.

But the lunation also Uranus is also about breakthroughs or breakdowns, depending on how resistant we are to change. This one can not only illuminate any old patterns or habits that are holding us back, but offer practical solutions.

All Full Moons mark a time when the cycle started at the previous New Moon comes to fruition. Because the Sun in Scorpio is involved, this one is very much about going beyond the mask. Expect the unexpected! More will be revealed! October 31st also is a potent and magical day, Samhain to the pagans, a time of year when it is believed that the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest. Personal rituals and meditation will be particularly potent then.

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