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Weekly Horoscope: October 21-27, 2019

After a tranquil even blissful start, the week offers ample opportunity to gather our forces in the leadup to a powerful and enlightening New Moon.

On Monday, October 21, love goddess Venus in Scorpio dances a slow tango with dream-weaver Neptune in Pisces. This sends out seductive and spiritual vibes. It’s a good time to pick up nonverbal cues, and not just in affairs of the heart.

Even the most cut-and-dry business deal will have an undercurrent of deeper understanding of true needs and desires. It’s also a great time to add some design flair to your life, or to tackle any correspondence that requires finesse.

It’s voting day in Canada, and some might be tempted to pursue pleasure, especially romance or creativity, with time given rather than voting. this aspect might quell some discontent and perhaps swing undecided voters towards the status quo. “If it ain’t broke, yatayata.”

The focus shifts on Wednesday, October 23, as Scorpio season gets underway. Every year when the Sun enters this intensely introverted sign, nature’s force begins to retreat, and we also look inwards. Just as the trees shed their leaves, so it is time to purge and transform whatever isn’t working in our lives. A Moon in analytical Virgo helps us embrace the task with an eye to self-improvement.

Venus hooks up again on Friday, this time with passionate Pluto. Deepening bonds—especially (ahem) the physical expression of same—will be high on the agenda. A Moon in balanced Libra helps us to maintain relationship equilibrium in the face of erotic temptation.

The emphasis on relationships of all kinds continues on the weekend. Frustration can build, though, as Mars goads us to feel we should be taking action. But what?

It doesn’t help that it’s also the lull before the New Moon, exact at 11:39 pm ET on Sunday, October 27. Embrace the void, because for the next two weeks we can only “expect the unexpected.”

Being in Scorpio, the New Moon usually is a time when we want to seize greater control over our lives. But this time Uranus opposes, bringing surprises out of the blue. Best mantra: “I cannot control the actions of others or some situations, only my reaction to them.” This, even though they may be behaving in a way that appears quite foreign, even alien, to our expectations.

With the right mindset, though, we can take quantum leaps in perception now. And surprise ourselves at the depth of our new understanding.

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