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Weekly Horoscope: October 19-25, 2020

“You gotta have heart!” claims the song from vintage musical Damn Yankees. And that is a good motto this week as Venus becomes a major player by creating strategic alliances.

Optimism is off the charts on Monday, October 19, as the Moon moves from Scorpio’s moody waters to far-seeing Sagittarius. At the same time, Mars in action-oriented Aries gets a boost from Jupiter. It’s a good time to reclaim an ambition and gain the strength and courage to carry on. Trouble is, this Mars placement is big on rushing into things and worrying about the consequences later, and Jupiter can exaggerate this tendency. Which means overconfidence might goad you to shoulder too much or overshoot the mark. And with Mercury retrograde, especially, it could cost dearly both time and money.

With Mercury opposing Uranus late in the day, mental processes accelerate as does creative thinking. Some of us may receive unwelcome news. It also can add stress and nervous tension to the mix through surprises and unexpected twists and turns in communications.

Love and finances dominate the scenario, sweetened by with three positive Venus days ahead. That’s because the love goddess, now in demure Virgo, forms in succession an easygoing trine aspect with the “gang of three” planets. Mind you, they are in Capricorn, which adds a serious note and a sense of playing for keeps.

All our connections will be anything but superficial. First up on Monday is Jupiter. With Neptune still involved, we may be viewing both the relationship and money pictures through rose-coloured glasses. But Jupiter is also in a strategic and goal-oriented sign, so this is also a good time to dream your dream.

Next up on Wednesday, October 21, Venus trines lusty Pluto. This also could be the time that secrets or hidden issues come to the fore, only a problem if you were too gullible earlier. It’s also good for deepening intimacy or turning a big profit. But do avoid dangerous liaisons of any sort. Finally, on Saturday a Venus-Saturn trine favours making commitments and long-term investments. But do keep in mind the above Mercury in retrograde cautions.

A big energetic shift is slated for Thursday, October 22, when the Sun exits fair-minded Libra and plunges into Scorpio’s deep waters. Get ready to embrace intensity! This is our annual cue to not shy away from deep emotions. This is a sign that commands respect and is not afraid to go where angels fear to tread. Depth psychology or other modality aimed at healing the past is favoured as are, ahem, tantric explorations. This is also the season to purge any bad habits and replace them with more positive ones. Endpoint: transformation.

The Venus-Saturn trine may have us setting our house in order on Saturday, as it also makes organizational tasks and decorating pleasurable. On Sunday, the Sun snuggles up to retrograde Mercury and both make a quirky minor aspect to Neptune. Intuition and imagination can go into overdrive, as can spiritual insights. Good for dreaming and seeing the potential, but this is not the time to act on what you feel.

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