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Weekly Horoscope: October 18-24, 2021

We have liftoff! Mercury and Jupiter blast into direct motion, firing expansive outside-the-box thinking. At the same time, Wednesday’s uber-dynamic Full Moon urges us to take a deep dive into what truly motivates us.

Our thought processes are energized with a new dynamism and optimism on Monday, October 18. This is the start of something big. Since June 20, Jupiter has been stuck in reverse, an annual occurrence that tends to put our grandest plans on hold. Further complicating things, Mercury has been retrograde since September 27, creating confusion and exacerbating any tendency to vacillate.

Accelerate or brake? That is the questions on Wednesday, with a Full Moon perfecting at 10:57 am EDT. As Libra season wanes, this one is in the bold sign of Aries, which adds high-octane fuel to our goals and asks our CEO to get it in gear. Full moons present a monthly opportunity to wrap up projects you started two weeks or more prior. They are the culmination or breaking point, and being in such a fiery sign means an elevated sense of urgency to boldly deal with emotional business.

Adding even more fuel to that fire, the Moon closely opposes Mars, planet or action, courage, and energy. Taking any kind of action towards something will take on new passion with a dollop of impulsivity. Resistance may be futile, or at the very least difficult, as this lunation makes some tense connections with several other planets, especially transformative Pluto. For some, that will mean dynamic and dramatic endings and the emergence of a new sense of purpose that feels closely aligned with our purpose.

Best advice: Plan a deep meditation or other ritual with a focus on making space for your heart’s true desires. It helps if you can go with the flow, avoid the drama, and let go of your need to be in control.

It all comes a head on Friday, when Mars in Libra, which longs for harmony, peaceful relations and square off with implacable Pluto, which thinks only about the bottom line. Any confrontations will have dramatic and irreversible consequences. It might be best to make “whatever” or “talk to the hand” our mantras.

All of this is dress rehearsal for the transformative Scorpio season, which kicks off on Saturday, October 23, at 12:51 am EDT. This is a more introspective time of year, encouraging us to become more focused and self-aware. A good time to head for the dragon’s cave and have a look: what is real treasure and what should go? It is only when we are clear about our deepest needs and desires that we can then deal with the world more effectively.

What does it all mean? The answer may not be clear on Sunday. With mental Mercury making a quincunx to nebulous Neptune new ideas can come. But not unless we make some adjustments to the ways we usually think, which might be way very far outside the box.

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