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Weekly Horoscope: November 9-15, 2020

It’s time to look behind the curtain. As an insightful New Moon, there is no better time to become your own great Wizard of Oz.

Monday kicks off the week with combative Mars opposing peace-at-any-price Venus. With two such contrary agendas, can they ever see eye to eye? This is not a good time to have it out with your SO or boss, or anyone else for that matter. If you must have an important discussion, resist jumping to conclusions (impulsive Mars in Aries) or giving up too much ground because you don’t like confrontation (Venus in Libra). And if there are any hotheads in your vicinity, it’s best to not poke the bear.

On Tuesday, November 10, Mercury does a do-over in Scorpio, a sign it entered previously and then retrograded out of. Which means it has lodged in this sign since late September, a much longer stay than usual. It makes communications intense and probing at best, tense and sarcastic at worst. And we are all more prone to digging into a position, right or wrong, and defending it to the death. It is a good time for deep thinking and learning about your inner workings.

Thursday is an important day, with Jupiter and Pluto slated to make their final conjunction of the year. They first joined forces on April 4 and June 30 in the sign of Capricorn, which has a lot to do with the economy, corporations and government. These areas have all been under stress this year, and many mundane astrologers have correlated this aspect with surges in the pandemic.

On a personal level this combo can also light a fire under our ambitions and sometimes indicates major achievements. Many billionaires are born with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which occurs in different signs every 13 years, in their charts. Perhaps when Pluto’s obsessiveness melds with Jupiter’s good fortune, incredible things can happen and in a big way.

Friday, November 13, can be a lucky day this year, especially for those with Aries prominent in their charts. Mars finally goes direct after 10 long weeks of retrograde, during which this action-oriented planet was hindered. It has been like driving with the brakes on. Yes, you still got there, but not after a great deal of friction arose. Until January 6, Mars' direct motion can help us take decisive action. Because it is in Aries, it doubles the need to be proactive in some way. Another good outlet: physical exercise. To avoid: starting things and not finishing them. Or making snap decisions not backed up by proper research.

Circle Sunday, November 15. For at 12:07 am ET, a New Moon in Scorpio ushers in a two-week period optimal for working some practical magic. Scorpio’s mandate to bring true transformation mixes nicely with the Capricorn cabal of planets intent on making it all very real. The lunation forms few stressful aspects. And a highly positive, growth-oriented Jupiter expands our vision of what is possible yet staying within realistic bounds.

Venus squares Pluto on that day, bringing tension to love and money matters. Others definitely won’t play nicely but there’s no reason to follow suit. Just avoid being overly suspicious and/or demanding. It’s a good time to look deeply into your real needs in relationships. And because it’s a New Moon, set some intentions in that regard.

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