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Weekly Horoscope: November 8-14, 2021

We’re all in this together is the rallying cry this week. And yet we will have to work hard to “play well with others.”

Monday is primetime for networking or putting a new team together. The Moon and love-goddess Venus pair up in business-minded Capricorn. At the same time, spontaneous Uranus helps us be more open-minded than usual.

Hit the ground running on Tuesday, as the morning is the most product8ive part of the day. The moon is still in pragmatic Cap, but reaches out to Neptune first for divine guidance, then conjoins power-player Pluto mid-day

Is the whole world against you? It may see so on Wednesday, November 10. There is a tense standoff between take-no-prisoners Mars in Scorpio and implacable Saturn in Aquarius. Every year when this 90-degree aspect happens, we have a decided sense of driving with the brake on. Everyone around us seems to dig in and want to do things their way.

Mercury is also in on the act. Think before you speak, write or post, as words can be harsher than intended. And if you’re on the receiving end, it’s best to take a ‘whatever’ approach and/or set some boundaries. Frustrations and friction mounts, but so does our determination. If you have a project that demands total concentration and an implacable will to see it through, this is a good day for it!

We regain perspective on Thursday under the light of a detached Moon in Aquarius. it is in the first quarter, which can help continue yesterday’s theme of determination and focus. Draw up that action plan! Especially since Luna rendezvous with visionary Jupiter. This is also a very social Moon and the bigger the crowd the better. And given the sign’s penchant for tech, online connections are ….

On Friday, the Sun in intense introvert Scorpio makes a free-flowing trine (120-degree angle) with enchanting Neptune. And the Moon is in dreamy Pisces, adding even more harmonious beams. This will get the weekend off to a fairy-tale start, making a wonderful time to pursue your dreams, romantic or other. As well, we’re able to rise above any drama or pettiness. It is easier to access our compassion and caring side.

We may find it hard to sleep in on Saturday, November 13. A restless Mars-Uranus opposition fills our mind with brilliant ideas. Best grab a pencil or app and jot them down for later use, as they can be quite fleeting if inspired. The Moon continues to seed cooperation and good vibes well into the evening. The mood shifts dramatically on Sunday, though, as Luna moves into go-getter Aries. We’re on the move and, thanks to a self-indulgent minor aspect between Venus and Jupiter, hell-bent on enjoyment.

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