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Weekly Horoscope: November 7-13, 2022

Can’t win in love or money? Tuesday’s life-altering lunar Full Blood Moon eclipse will shed new light and perhaps trigger a breakthrough.

The mood is decidedly somber on Monday as reality-based Saturn squares off with intensely romantic Venus in Scorpio. Our desire to attract a soul mate or at least achieve true intimacy may meet with cold indifference. The gut Scorpionic reaction is to overreact, finger point, or even sting in self defense. Best strategy: consider it a reality check, using Saturn in Aquarius detachment to gain perspective. Or, to renegotiate in a way that respects both emotional and practical considerations. Same goes for an unresolved financial issue.

Early risers will be able to view Tuesday’s lunar eclipse, exact at 6:02 am ET. The Full Moon is in security-seeking Taurus. And because it is an eclipse, its effects could last for 6 months or more. Both it and the Sun in Scorpio it opposes have a lot to do with our fiscal life. Which means opportunities to shift the way you save, spend and earn could arise.

Slow and steady wins the race (usually) for Taurus. But Luna is snuggled up with revolutionary and evolutionary Uranus and the north node, a point of destiny. Pay attention to what calls to your heart now and take not4es. Realizations made now can lead to life of greater fulfilment and true happiness. The energy can also help you kick any bad habit that’s been kicking around for too long.

Opportunities can come out of the blue that seem like a dream come true—but look before you leap. It’s better to use this sign’s sensible side to remind yourself to pace yourself. Because new initiatives started around an eclipse tend to not work out. Try to delay concrete moves, like signing a contract or lease. Or closing a door on a relationship.

The US midterm elections fall on eclipse day, November 8. With so many harsh and disruptive aspects, surprise results, even upsets are almost inevitable. So are backroom maneuvers and deals that aim to destabilize the democratic system And getting to the bottom of disputes a long, confusing, even violent process. No matter where we live, this eclipse will drive home the threats to democracy that exist. And in the months to come, we would be wise to take responsible action to preserve it.

We will still be feeling the fallout on Wednesday, and with the Moon in communicative Gemini, we’ll want to rehash. But Mercury, which rules our thinking, is applying to a challenging aspect to Saturn. All to say we may dwell on the negative. Resist the impulse and take the long view.

Early Thursday, a Venus-Neptune trine helps us to believe in love and connect with compassion and understanding. But most of the day is given over to a dour Sun-Saturn square that could drive home some harsh realities. Wednesday’s advice applies.

The Gemini Moon keeps us multitasking most of Friday, November 11. And a quincunx between Venus and Mars could mean that social engagements need to be rescheduled. Or a friendship will seem less reliable than desired.

The weekend outlook is sunnier astrologically. Luna moves into home base of Cancer. And with Venus moving towards a sextile with Pluto, we can realize that close connections need not be complicated or restricting. In fact, we could reach an agreement that helps us gain just the right amount of closeness. Silence is golden on Sunday, as Mercury makes an erratic aspect to Mars. Offhand comments can be wounding or misunderstood. But with lunar connections to Neptune, we’re inclined to forgive and forget.

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