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Weekly Horoscope: November 6-12, 2023

This week, we explore the art of living in extreme times:

Two supportive planet shifts paint a picture of new pleasures, love and peace from a fresh perspective of adventure and meaning, played out against the backdrop of intensity.

On Monday, love goddess Venus trines passionate Pluto before exiting Virgo on Wednesday. Both are in “make it real” earth signs, so this is a good day to get clear about issues, especially finances. And to put your main relationships on new footing. But can you handle the truth? The pairing also calls for absolute honesty in all dealings.

The earth sign trend continues on Tuesday with the Moon in hardworking, practical Virgo. It makes a helpful alliance with broadminded Jupiter late morning. We can effectively combine optimism and productivity. And come evening, Luna and the Sun put us in a mellow mood.

On Wednesday, November 8, Venus enters its home sign of Libra for a five-week visit. It will be easier to find peace in our hearts and create harmony around us. Think stylish update to the décor or wardrobe. Love and creativity flourish under this aspect, as does sociability. And it lends a certain grace to all interactions.

Trouble is, the first planet the Love Goddess encounters is Saturn. So the first day, Wednesday, may be a downer. Since the aspect is a quincunx, an adjustment is needed as we are torn between a desire for closeness and giving more than we’re getting. It passes quickly, fortunately, giving Venus free rein afterwards.

The Moon enters Libra, too, on Thursday. There it luxuriates with Venus, and with both planets making no major aspects, we get a hint of the harmony and beauty of the Libra influence.

Friday marks move of Mercury into freewheeling, outspoken Sagittarius. But again, Saturn plays party-pooper on the initial day, dampening our outlook. We may encounter more than our fill of opinionated people, most of whom express them strongly. Or who feel they are right despite all logic.

Mercury kicks free by Saturday, and takes flight in the sign until December 1. The planet rules thinking and communicating, and Sagittarius likes to take the high ground. We’re able to set the sights on wide vision and shoot for the stars. This is a great time to brainstorm about our 2024 goals; late December will be more about looking back and reassessing. Now, the Archer helps is to explore future options and opportunities with confidence. The downside: bombastic types tend to be more so. But a sense of humour is also easier to come by.

On the same day, Mars in Scorpio opposes erratic Uranus in Taurus. The warrior planet is extra defensive in this sign and doesn’t like being thrown curve balls. Everyone will be sure it’s their way or the highway and in no mood to compromise. Or to believe the worst in others. Delay any difficult discussions and try to avoid confrontational people. Choose peace (Venus in Libra) and take the long, tolerant view (Mercury in Sagittarius).

Sunday is more quiescent. After an early morning tangle with ebullient Jupiter, the Moon settles into Scorpio for the day. And being in a fixed sign we hunker in the bunker rather than dash about. We can also make the most of that sign’s gift for self-analysis, taking it to deep levels. Insights gained can help us feel more centred and prepared for the week ahead.

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