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Weekly Horoscope: November 4 - 10, 2019

Mercury backpedalling through suspicious Scorpio may send us scurrying to detect hidden motives and beef up security settings. But we’d be wise to keep our eye on the very big prize this week, which marks the culmination the year’s most important aspect.

It all gets underway with the Moon in gregarious Aquarius. This sign also rules technology, so we might get some blinding flashes about our online activity. Are we playing it safe and how much info are we giving away? More importantly, what are we getting in return?

Patience may be hard to come by, too. On Tuesday, November 5, in the wee hours the usually affable Mars in Libra confronts implacable Pluto. Long-brewing conflicts can come to a head, or even become explosive if we let impatience to get the better of us.

We also should keep an eye out for such behaviours in others and sidestep at all costs. We tend to see things as black and white, win or lose—which later may not prove the case.

The Moon is in mystical Pisces mid-week. It makes aspects on Wednesday and Thursday that favour any creative endeavours or attempts to plumb the unconscious or spiritual side. And serve to set the stage for the third and final sextile between reality-check Saturn and dream-your-dream Neptune. This rare combination gives a window of opportunity to meld vision with commitment, high hopes with perseverance, goals we previously thought were unattainable with an action plan.

This is a rare window in which to work some practical magic as the spiritual and material worlds form a productive relationship. And it will not occur again until 2031.

The weekend outlook is go-go-go. Venus’ shift last week into active and party-loving Sagittarius is goaded on by spontaneous Moon in Aries. There may be background issues holding us back from full enjoying and indulging on Saturday, November 9, which can lead to frustration. But an enlightening aspect between Mercury and Pluto means we can talk it out.

Anyway, Luna gets a big assist from jovial Jupiter for most of Sunday, when we can really let the good times roll. It settles down into serene Taurus at 6:18 pm ET before colliding with electric Uranus in the wee hours of the next morning. This will disturb the sleep of some, bring an Aha! moment to others.

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