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Weekly Horoscope: November 30-December 6, 2020

Got the message? But really? These are the overarching questions as the final eclipse season of 2020 kicks off.

A lunar eclipse arrives in Gemini at 4:29 am ET on Monday, November 30. Full Moon energy is often intense—now it’s turbocharged. And if a lunar eclipse strikes a sensitive point in your chart, there can be dramatic endings or beginnings.

For everyone, eclipses take us into the void to discover new truths, especially since the Sun in Sagittarius is involved. The Moon in the Great Communicator sign hints that we would all be wise to sit down and conduct an inner interview. How are we doing? Are we letting mistaking a need to gather bits of information and/or indulge in distractions like constantly cruising social media to deflect us from more productive pursuits? Or even our true paths?

Gemini’s planet, Mercury, makes a productive aspect to Saturn helping us gain greater clarity. And perhaps make some decisions that will lead to greater material stability. But dreamy mystical Neptune is also squaring the nodal axis, which has a lot to do with karma and destiny, now. So we would also be wise to take time to tend to the soul’s growth, too.

On Tuesday, December 1, Mercury charges into gung-ho Sagittarius. After so much time in repressed and strategic Scorpio, we now expand our thinking, embrace optimism and make big plans. A sense of adventure and play also infuses our communications; expect some creative Zoom get-togethers to brighten the holidays! The downside: folks tend to get more opinionated, even argumentative, which can be polarizing.

Even in lockdown, we might feel the seasonal imperative towards “busy-ness” late Wednesday and into the next day. Mercury makes a jittery minor aspect to Mars. Nerves can be frayed then and a good night’s sleep elusive.

We’re torn between work and play on Saturday, December 5. The is in recreational Leo just as the Sun forms a semi-square aspect with taskmaster Saturn. This can unleash the inner nag who prods us towards the to-do list—but we won’t be happy about it.

At the same time, love-goddess Venus flirts with Neptune casting a rosy haze over our relationships. We want to lose ourselves in a grand passion, a creative project or spiritual retreat. Trouble is, we see only the best in others. In finances, too, our critical faculties seem to have gone down for a nap. At the same time, Venus forms a fractious aspect with Mars, making it difficult to separate our needs from other people’s. It may take until mid-afternoon on Sunday to get back on a productive track.

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