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Weekly Horoscope: November 29-December 5, 2021

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, eye to the future. The New Moon eclipse helps us get in touch with our deepest desires and set far-reaching goals.

On Monday, action planet Mars forms an easygoing trine with lofty Neptune in Pisces. Can we be inspired, compassionate and proactive? The answer is yes under this special combo. If you haven’t tried creative visualization this might be a good day to try! Same goes for artistic projects and creative brainstorming. The power that the images we hold of ourselves and of the world can be transformed and healed now.

The magic carries over into Tuesday when Venus makes nice with Neptune. The love goddess shines her benevolent beams on relationships, but also creative and financial endeavours…it’s all good. Or is it? We may have to work harder to stay realistic. Fortunately, Mercury steps up to help us do just that as it makes a productive aspect with make-it-so Saturn, which helps us to stay focused and productive, especially in mental pursuits and communications.

Speaking of Neptune, the slumbering giant awakes on Wednesday, December 1, from a long retrograde. What is real? Is what I call reality all there is? And who is really in charge? the latter questions may have a harsh answer, as the Sun and Pluto also clash on that day. And with Mercury also out of synch that day, it might be best to defer all important decisions and meeting ‘til a later date.

On Saturday, December 4, a New Moon eclipse in far-sighted Sagittarius occurs at 2:43 am ET. All eclipses are significant, as they act as highly charged lunations with effects that can last up to 6 months. This one is also the final in the 18-month series of eclipses on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis.

This is a solar eclipse, meaning the Moon blocks the light of the Sun. so we may go through if not a dark night of the soul at least a shadow phase. Situations or issues we have been trying to avoid may now come to light. Until now the eclipses have been on the axis of travel, information and the media (Gemini-Sagittarius).

Wild-eyed conspiracy theories and disinformation have run rampant. Hopefully, we have all treated it like a homeopathic dose (an exaggeration that shocks the system into health) and learned to separate truth from hype and seek informed sources.

Also over the past 18 months, we should have leaned into the Gemini half and learned to be more open-minded and less biased in our perceptions. campaigns have hacked away at legitimate journalism, creating chaos and distrust. But their absurdity has been heightened, too, making them less credible.

Long-distance travel (Sagittarius) has been severely hindered during this cycle. And thanks to a new variant virus, it looks like this final eclipse will continue to do so. The big lesson, should we choose to embrace it, is to appreciate what mobility we can enjoy. And things in our immediate vicinity, the importance of neighbourhood and the kind of micro-connections we form when out and about. For therein lies a true feeling of community, hopefully based on Geminian open interactions and inclusivity.

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