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Weekly Horoscope: November 20-26, 2023

The holiday season shifts into high gear this week along with our hopes and aspirations—but first a minor roadblock and careful on the curves.

We’re still in the slow lane on Monday, though. With the Moon in a fixed sign and void of course (which often acts like a Mercury retrograde) we may find it hard to get to where we want to be. But it’s full speed ahead by afternoon. We may find we make a more powerful and positive affect on higherups. Advice can come from an unexpected source that will help with healing.

On Tuesday, Mars spends its third-to-last day in Scorpio forming a helpful alliance with Pluto. Which continues the auspicious trend for impressing others. If you need to negotiate a contract, raise or benefits package, this might be the day to do so. Signs are good for job interviews, landing new clients and such, too.

The Sun charges into fiery Sagittarius on Wednesday and will be joined by action-star Mars on Friday. Which helps us to not only look ahead with a fresh burst of faith and optimism but act immediately and with purpose. This can infuse many areas of our lives, from a new spiritual quest to bucket-list voyage to major career move.

TIP: if you have big plans to make for 2024, do it now. Mercury turns retrograde in sober(ing) Capricorn on December 13, ending on January 1. Which means the end of the year may be more about looking back than forward.

With Mercury already in the sign of the Archer, we may be flooded with holiday invites. Just when we’ve overloaded our plates with professional and private projects. We may have to be selective now to avoid future burnout!

This new cycle gets off to a slow start, With the Sun squaring downer Saturn on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the US. We may be working far too hard for far too little result. Or have to deal with unreasonable demands from those in charge. And an uncomfortable aspect to Chiron means there can be unwelcome judgement going on.

A breezy Moon in Aries helps us shake it off quickly, though. Plus, bold Mars enters freewheeling Sagittarius on Friday as well. It helps us to take action, especially if towards a belief or philosophy. And be spontaneous about it in this rambunctious sign. We’ll have to be careful to not let our (negative) emotions get the better of us in the morning, though when Luna squares off with my-way-or-highway Pluto. Steadier heads prevail once the Moon shifts into calmer Taurus midafternoon.

As with the Sun, this trend hits a roadblock just as it’s getting started. For on Saturday, the red planet is checked by Saturn. We may find ourselves overwhelmed with social commitments that we can’t get out of without some guilt. Speaking of which, many may find they are feeling just that after a binge of overeating or spending.

Sunday brings a highly pleasant scenario with the Moon in pleasure-loving Taurus making nice with other planets pretty much all day. It’s the perfect time for any damage control if we overdid it earlier and to mend fences with loved ones—or just enjoy their company. Creativity also flourishes, so some holiday decorating and gift wrapping and/or making might feel very right.

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