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Weekly Horoscope: November 16-22, 2020

Optimism shines forth through the COVID clouds, providing a glimpse of sunnier days ahead.

As the week gets underway, the pace of communications accelerates rapidly. A Mercury-Uranus opposition on Tuesday, November 17, ups the excitement factor. But it can also overload or even short out the synapses, depending on your stress levels. This is the last in a series of three such genius-spurring aspects. What brilliant flashes have you had over the past six weeks or so?

And Monday’s ebullient Venus-Jupiter square goads us to excess when it comes to romance, finances or sensual pleasures. Over-indulge at your peril, for as soon as Thursday the love goddess is put in check by party-pooper Saturn. This one can be rough on relationships, but only if you’re not prepared to get real. That’s when disappointment and disillusion can arise. And, since Venus is in Libra, it’s best to keep it simple and give peace a chance.

It’s back to business on Wednesday, with the Moon lodged in ambitious Capricorn. If we can tune out any relationship drama, a supportive Sun-Saturn sextile can help us further our case. A good day for working the network.

Friday, November 20, is quieter. An Aquarius Moon helps us put the thinking cap on and take the long view. But on Saturday, the focus will be on our passions as Venus concludes her stay in Libra and enters Scorpio’s sultry waters. For the next five weeks, greater depth and intimacy in all relationships will be goal. It’s also good for getting to the bottom of any longstanding love or money issues and making major changes for the good.

Also on Saturday, the Sun charges into freewheeling Sagittarius at 3:40 pm ET. This energetic and bold sign injects a metaphoric vitamin B12 shot into the atmosphere. We can now look to the future and allow ourselves the luxury of optimism. Extravagance is its downfall, so maybe set a budget for online spending. We’ll also want to expand our horizons in some way, mingling with folks from different cultures, traveling and learning, albeit online.

Keep a low profile on Sunday morning, as Mars makes aspects that can trigger arguments and pettiness. But by day’s end the Moon in Pisces conspires with Venus and asteroid Ceres to restore peace and harmony.

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