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Weekly Horoscope - September 2 - 8, 2019

Meteorological turbulence comes as no surprise in a week when the planets are stirring it up. But with a little effort, we can hold onto our centres and weather all storms (literal or metaphorical) in style.

Work or play? Both appeal on Monday, September 2. The Sun in Virgo conjoins worker bee Mars in the same sign. Chore party, anyone? But love goddess Venus and party-hearty Jupiter also goad each other into extreme behaviour. Hedonism reigns as we give into temptation. With the duo also applying an opposition to Neptune on Wednesday, FOMO is a fiend as we chase the impossible dream.

We’re big on vision and optimism now, but tend to overlook obvious risks. Cap your spending (malls may be closed but the online shopping world is wide open!). Hopefully, the worst that can happen is we start the workweek with a big hangover or regrets about overindulgence at the bbq or a what-was-I-thinking one-night stand.

Sanity in financial and love affairs returns as soon as Friday, when Venus moves on to form a helpful alliance with Pluto. This helps give a clearer and deeper perspective as we get real.

Champing to get back to the grind on Tuesday? You have Mercury to thank! It’s striking a power pose in a sign it likes, Virgo. Think max efficiency and lend a helping hand (it will come back to you). Along the way, it sheds its wallflower ways and schmoozes no fewer than 5 other planets! The winged planet is all about communications, and in this sign pays attention to detail and knows how to be clear.

But with the Sun and Mars also in the mix, we might burn the midnight oil to the point of burnout. Or, even though we mean well our criticisms can wound. Or be taken in a less than positive light by people in authority. Red flag days: Friday through Sunday. With both Mercury and the Sun triggering the deceptive Jupiter-Neptune square our thinking and ambitions may be inflated. It’s no time to hand in a resignation or launch a new business with no backup financing!

Also on the weekend, industrious Mars makes a flowing trine to sensible Saturn. It might be best to stick to chores and make them a kind of moving meditation. While we’re focusing on the small and getting our physical house in order, the bigger picture just might come into very sharp focus

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