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Weekly Horoscope: November 11-17, 2019

Mercury and Venus vie for attention in this week that gets off to an intense start., shedding light and providing inspiration that is nothing short of divine.

On Monday, November 11, the winged messenger makes a rare crossing of the Sun. if visible, it appears as a black dot crossing over the face of our nearest star, a sight that won’t be seen until 2032.

It is not said to have great astrological significance, but I have been feeling it much like an eclipse: giving my thought processes a laser focus and clarity. Because Mercury is still retrograde, hidden issues might come to light as the week goes on.

A big, bright Full Moon in Taurus occurs on Tuesday at 8:34 am ET shining a light on things deep in our subconscious. Being in stable Taurus, it brings gentle knowing of how to both accept them and use them to fuel our success. The next two weeks are optimal to bring to a head artistic projects or financial issues that have a lot of loose ends.

This Full Moon is ideal for sybaritic self-care: take a break, buy a new fragrance, connect with nature, cook up a pot of comfort food, pamper your body with a mani-pedi or massage. Think quality time with people who bring out the best in you.

A connection to Jupiter could add a spirit of adventure, perhaps connecting with people of a different culture. Neptune in Pisces also chimes in, bringing the possibility of inspiration that will be nothing short of divine.

The planets are busy on Wednesday. Mercury in Scorpio forms a productive sextile with insightful and serious Saturn in Capricorn that favours depth confabs and constructive agreements. It also trines Neptune which favours a free-flow of ideas and words. The Sun makes the same aspect to Pluto, giving a big assist to a positive sense of empowerment.

Disillusionment in love or money is possible on Thursday, November 14, when Venus in optimistic Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in gullible Pisces. If we’ve been living in a romantic or financial bubble it could burst then. And if just getting into one, will not be seeing our partner clearly.

The Moon in domestic Cancer makes for a home and family-oriented weekend. Old grudges and current tiffs could emerge Saturday afternoon or evening as it collides with first strict Saturn and then depth-charge Pluto. Do what you can to defuse emotional situations and don’t give into emotional blackmail.

Sunday is active but more balanced as we seek comfort, security and sweet affection. At 4:58 pm ET it moves into showy Leo. A late evening sudden reversal could be unsettling.

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