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Weekly Horoscope: May 4 - 10, 2020

A supermoon in Scorpio sets an intense pace this week while three planets in Taurus keep us grounded. And this “flower moon” also reminds us to take time to smell the daffodils.

Venus-ruled signs (Libra and Taurus) rule on Monday, May 4. First, the Moon kicks off its sensible Virgo shoes. Now in style-conscious Libra, it slips on some coquettish kitten heels or snappy kicks—who cares if no one sees them in the Zoom meeting?

On the same day, the Sun in Taurus merges with Mercury. There is no better time to send a message or seal a deal with someone you care about. Buying and selling could yield some sweet deals, too. It’s all about what you love, love, love now.

The lunar nodes—the axis that has a lot to do with karma/dharma—also shift to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. We now have 18 months to work on become more mindful about things like how our truth is just that, not THE truth. That it is not necessary to take a position before a discussion. Or how our desire for so-called freedom might be irresponsible to the collective whole. And that adventure and new connections can be found very, very close to home.

Things begin to take a steamier direction in the leadup to the Full Moon on Thursday, May 7. In the intense sign of Scorpio, it has even more compelling force because it is supermoon, at the closest point to the earth. This sign is about crisis and our emotional reactions to same.

But there is also great potential with this lunation to reach deeper understanding; the key is to trust our intuition, to shine a light on them with an eye to transforming them. And, like the phoenix that is a symbol associated with Scorpio, rise above them and soar.

This sign can be paranoid; already I have found in my newsfeed an upswing in wild-eyed conspiracy theories, also due to the lunation. We also need to be aware of more fraud attempts this week. And to not take any other risks with our safety.

On Friday, our nerves may be stretched after a long week. It is an excellent day to devote to self-care, preferably in the outdoors. The Moon shifts to duty-minded Capricorn on Mother’s Day next Sunday, May 10. Showing appreciation to her or any other loved one will be more like a joy than an obligation. Mercury makes good aspects, helping us to find just the words to express what is in the heart.

The same day, Saturn begins to backtrack. Retrograde phases are a good time to review or revisit what the planet represents; in this case, our responsibilities, attitude towards authority and ability to be our own. And to congratulate ourselves for how well we have survived the ongoing crisis. Having recently moved into Aquarius, it has provided insight into what kind of future we want to create going forward.

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