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Weekly Horoscope: May 31-June 6, 2021

"Wil you, won’t you, join the dance?” Feel-good aspects prompt us to kick up our heels and maybe waltz off with a new ideal or partner. But we’ll have to step lightly to sidestep some potential pitfalls.

On Monday, May 31, action planet Mars in cautious Cancer gets waved in by go-with-the-flow Neptune. This aspect is optimal for spiritual and artistic pursuits; results may have a channeled quality. The milk of human kindness and compassion pours forth easily now and permeates our efforts. We’re able to pick up on others’ body language and subtext.

The downside: Mercury is retrograde, so it’s best to not blindly pursue new projects. The Moon is also in boundary-challenged Pisces as the week begins. So those who tend to be gullible and blind to others’ failings will be more so. And we may be so hell-bent on pursuing life’s pleasures we forget to keep the safety catch on.

On Wednesday, love goddess Venus changes her dancing slippers a takes a whirl with sentimental Cancer until June 27. While in Gemini, it was all about quick changes. Now, Venus seeks to connect via a slow dance with someone comfortable and reliable. In a homebody sign, our creative urges will be channeled towards the nest and garden. Think major décor refresh.

If you’re looking for love, the sign of the Crab is a quiet go-getter. But it also tends to scuttle in and out of commitment until it’s really ready. This tendency will be amplified by Mars in the same sign. Expressions of affection will be exquisitely and simple and eloquently meaningful, and likely homemade. More banana bread, anyone?

The good times roll on Thursday, June 3, with the Moon in dynamic, me-first Aries. This time, it is Venus’ turn to make nice with Neptune, adding a note of optimism and happening-for-the-higher-good to our relationships and efforts. At the same time, the Sun in mentally astute Gemini makes an alliance with brilliant yet stable Saturn n Aquarius. This influence should continue through the next time, making it an excellent day for personal progress.

We may fall from grace with a thud on Saturday, though. Mercury makes a square aspect to Neptune. If we overdid it in anyway, this will be the hangover day! Retreating to let the fog clear may not be possible, though. For Mars in sensitive Cancer also opposes implacable Saturn in power-monger Capricorn, both goaded by the impatient Moon in Aries.

Sidestep any important discussions if you can. Molehills reach mountain proportions in a nanosecond. Others will seem absurdly over-sensitive to the slightest slights. All of which can ad up to road rage or other blow-ups, so it’s best to avoid any situation in which they might arise.

We can regain our composure, and possibly our sanity, on Sunday. The Moon enters sensible and serene Taurus in the wee hours. It makes nice with first Jupiter and then Venus as the day progresses. We can be creative and productive or lazily self-indulgent, our choice.

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