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Weekly Horoscope: May 3-9, 2021

“Gray skies are gonna clear up”—metaphorically, at least. Heavy aspects prevail as the week begins, but then we give lightness a flutter as two planets shift into blithe-butterfly Gemini.

The second line of the song from the musical Bye Bye Birdie reads “put on a happy face.” That might be difficult on Monday, May 3. The Sun squares off with authoritarian Saturn, continuing the heavy process begun last Friday. We may have to deal with yet more uncertainty and do some serious thinking about what our new reality will be. The trick today is to fall into a pit of pessimism out of which it may be hard to climb.

Instead, look to Tuesday, which dawns with a fresh perspective thanks to great communicator Mercury entering its home sign of Gemini late the previous evening. Time to lighten up! With a creative and inspiring quintile between Jupiter in brainiac Aquarius and Uranus in practical Taurus the same day, do record all brain storming sessions.

Until July, 11 Mercury will be in the sign of the Twins. Which means one-on-one discussions will prove most fruitful. It is also the sign of Alice saying “curioser and curioser;” there is no better time to go down a few rabbit holes. Who knows, you might end up in Wonderland!

Gemini is also infinitely flexible and able to come up with creative solutions on the spot. Speaking of creativity, writers, educators and media types also flourish, driven by the Mercury in Gemini idea-generating machine.

The Moon shifts to Pisces by Wednesday. The night orb is all about our unconscious reactions, moods and emotions. And for the next 2.5 days, it will be in an insightful, creative and peace-loving place. Normally this Moon can lead to feeling overly sensitive and vulnerable, but this time it makes only helpful and supportive alliances with the other planetary players.

When it comes to romance, Pisces can also blur boundaries. And on Thursday, a Venus-Pluto trine makes us more willing to push them in a desire to live a more passionate life. With these two planets in earth signs, any “I dos” will be not only heartfelt but lasting. Same goes for business alliances and financial agreements.

Speaking of cherchez-ing l’amour, a proactive approach works best for most of the weekend. The Moon is in Aries favours those who take the initiative. On the same day, Venus has its last hurrah for the year in the sensual sign of Taurus on Saturday, squaring off with excessive Jupiter. Which means nothing succeeds like excess for lovers. The rest of us might sublimate it into overindulging in gourmet delights or luxury shopping.

Also on Saturday, May 8, at 10:01 pm ET, Venus joins Mercury in the sign of Gemini. Our modus operandi shifts dramatically in all relationships, away from the Taurean obsession with security and sensuality. Instead, it’s all about the chat function. How we both form and communicate our message will be key to fulfilling our hearts’ desires.

And while most of 2020 might be best forgotten, Venus’s extra-long sojourn in Gemini was memorable—in a very, very good way. Last year it stayed in the sign an exceptionally long time, from April 3 to August 7. During which we explored inventive new ways to stay connected (Gemini) and express our creativity (Venus). How might we build on that and/or take it to the next level? This year, we have until June 2 to find out.

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