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Weekly Horoscope: May 24-30, 2021

Spring is (finally!) sprung, and this week’s full flower supermoon ushers in an illuminating eclipse season.

“Moonday” (Monday) dawns with our emotions taking a deep dive, thanks to Luna’s progress through Scorpio. Late in the day, it tangles with both Uranus and Saturn. Should we make a leap or stay with the status quo? It may take until the two outer planets tangle once again at the end of June to find out.

The next day, the lively Sun in Gemini gets into a minor dispute with overly emotional Mars in Cancer. Remember to pick your battles and, with an impending Mercury retrograde, clear communications are key.

The lunar eclipse occurs at 7:14 am EDT on Wednesday, May 26. Because it is at its closest point to Earth, it will appear much larger than normal. Which only adds to the drama! Especially since tense square aspects dominate the eclipse chart. Eclipses can help us get clear about where we need to transform or shift our lives in a new direction. We might have to let go of something before we can take the path, though. The realization may be shocking but necessary.

What’s highlighted: The Moon in Sagittarius is all about truth and justice, especially when it comes to government and media. Exploration and openness to other ways of living and being are also important. With travel restrictions still in place, creativity in finding virtual ways to expand our connections.

During eclipses, the usual 28-day rhythm of New and Full Moons is disrupted. So is the usual download of energies we receive from the Sun and Moon at these times, and the effects can last for up to 6 months. This week, we may feel like we’re seeing the world through Alice’s looking glass. Especially since the planet Neptune is now increasing our sensitivity to other realms and “the other side.”

Spiritual quests, creativity and alternate forms of healing are favoured and provide healthy outlets. Escapist ones may dull any pain, but not get us anywhere good. It’s a good time to explore other relationships or add more romance to the existing one. But some may experience intense disillusionment as well.

There is a strong emphasis now on what are known as mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). And so indecision, confusion and ineffective busy-ness can add to our stress levels. The trend continues on Thursday, with Venus, Neptune and the Moon still tangling in these signs. We may be dealing with the aftermath of some deception or disillusionment.

The Moon enters practical and enterprising Capricorn on Friday, giving us a desire to gain some control of our lives. But Mercury officially turns retrograde at 6:34 pm EDT on Saturday, and remains so for 3 weeks. The weekend might be best spent reflecting. As always, Mercury retrograde periods are not good for starting anything new or hammering out important agreements. Instead, focus on “re” activities: review, revise, refine, etc. That all goes double during eclipse season.

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