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Weekly Horoscope: May 22-28, 2023

Ready for blast off! The week gets off to an ultra-energetic start that can lead to a lot of overdoing it, in good and bad ways. But the rest of the week holds plenty of opportunity to reflect and correct.

The first three days are dominated by the fiery Mars-Jupiter square that perfects in the wee hours of Tuesday. The red action planet is in the egocentric sign of Leo, usually a good placement for getting things done with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

However, Jupiter and stubborn Taurus can goad Mars into overdoing it. I always find many accdients happen when these planets clash, usually because people just overestimate their own abilities to handle physical challenges. Another downside: this combo can aggravate self-centred types, which means bombastic or narcissistic behaviour can be rife.

Speaking of Leo, the Moon enters the Lion’s lair on Wednesday, May 24. It immediately opposes Pluto, which can lead to power struggles, most likely over creative differences. It then goes on to remind Jupiter and Mars of their differences. Try to remain aloof and not take everything too personally. A sense of humour helps! But if you’ve been stuck in any way, this aspect can help you finally make a move—hopefully a good one. And is generally good for self-promotion and creativity.

Relationships are on our minds on Thursday, as the sociable Sun in Gemini forms a tense aspect with Venus in overly sensitive Cancer. Our desire to lighten up flit about may be hampered by others’ emotional demands. But a positive compromise is easier to come by, as Venus also sextiles freedom-loving Uranus. this can help us strike a balance between belonging and allowing others some space.

Neglected yard work and other chores top the agenda on Saturday. Socializing is given low priority with a withdrawn Venus-Saturn sesquiquadrate. Plus, the quarter Moon in diligent, critical Virgo prompts us towards improving our lives. Which may include tweaks to the wellness routine, with an eye to recharging the batteries to make the most of summer enjoyment.

Further dampening spirits is Sunday’s square between the Sun in blithe butterfly Gemini and downer Saturn. This happens once a year and serves as a cosmic checkpoint. Saturn is in Pisces and calls for us to make our dreams a reality, hopefully in alignment with our highest purpose. Have we been pulled off track by pointless distractions or non-productive “busy-ness?” We can make any needed adjustments now.

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