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Weekly Horoscope: May 20-26, 2024

Gemini season is on, setting butterfly spirits free. Under a Full Flower Moon, communicating and connecting move to the top of the agenda.


On Monday, May 20 at 8:59 am EDT, the Sun moves into communicator Gemini. While in Taurus, it was all about digging in and being responsible. Now it’s time to lighten up; a blithe and lively spirit prevails for the next four weeks, and we’ll want to make the most of terrace season to connect with kindred spirits. A restlessness makes it hard to focus, though. And prompts us to explore the new and intriguing while keeping it local. Which means meeting new people, trying new things. Especially things of the mind, like new books, apps or anything that sparks new ideas and sparkling conversations.


Venus (beauty, grace, socializing) and Jupiter (abundance, luck) also join the Gemini party this week, on Thursday and Saturday respectively. All of which turbocharges the Gemini impulse and helps the good times roll on!


Intensity makes a return appearance on Tuesday, as the Moon is now in profound Scorpio. It opposes Mercury early in the day, intimating that our attempts to keep things superficial may ignore some important emotional needs. It then goes on to make an uncomfortable aspect to Mars in feisty Aries, and we will have to use maximum diplomacy to avoid conflict.


On Wednesday, May 22, the Moon makes an ally of Saturn early in the day, helping to cool tempers. With fewer distractions, we can get a lot done. Also, the Sun and Pluto form a harmonious trine aspect (Gemini-Aquarius) shedding light on deeper truths and helping us to share them appropriately. Come evening, the Moon squares off with Uranus, which could mean upsetting if fleeting emotional outbursts.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday at 9:53 am EDT, also called the Flower Moon, brings a blossoming. In this visionary and expansive sign, everything seems larger than life and twice as exciting. The sign of the explorer may prompt us to head for the international departures gate. If real-life travel is not in the cards, then signing up for a course or cause, any activity that expands our vision will do. New frontiers of mind and spirit beckon!


Also at the time of the Full Moon—which means its influence will carry thorough the next two weeks or so—love goddess Venus and boundless Jupiter canoodle in the final, or anaretic, degree of Taurus. Things in the Venusian realms of romance, the arts or personal resources can reach a crescendo. So will the pursuit and enjoyment of earthy and sensual pleasures. Breakthroughs are possible and new relationships or creative ventures may feel fated.


Venus and Jupiter also conjoin the Sun in Gemini during this Full Moon, which could be extraordinarily illuminating when it comes to aligning our dreams with reality, values with ideals. And the sextile of Jupiter in Taurus with Saturn in Pisces adds a mystical dimension. This longer-lasting influence also invites us to take a spiritual or creative leap of faith without losing a foothold on reality.


There’s more astrological action on Saturday as jovial Jupiter exits practical, money-minded (obsessed) Taurus for a 13-month stay in communicator Gemini. Jupiter supersizes all the sign’s qualities, good and bad. Favoured are learning and communicating, staying curious. It opens a portal into vibrant new possibilities, helping us break out of our comfort zones and take more confident leaps of faith. Going it alone will lose its appeal as the power of community become more attractive. On the downside, we may become overly distracted by trivial things and constant media noise. Nerves can fray and we will have to remember to include more self care. But overall, Jupiter in Gemini give us cosmic permission to have more fun, more often.


Circle Sunday as the best day to get work or chores done. We may have been totally distracted and overly busy all week. But now a stabilizing Moon in sensible and industrious Capricorn, we can tackle the to-list and get a jump on the next week’s agenda.



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