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Weekly Horoscope: May 17-23, 2021

Hope springs eternal this week with new paths beckoning. Still, a couple of challenging aspects both give us pause and keep us on our toes.

We’re laser focused on Monday, thanks to an empowering Sun-Pluto trine. By days end, Venus will cozy up to the north node in Gemini. Simple conversations could prove profound, even life-altering.

We’re still focused on close and not-so relationships on Tuesday. The Moon is in ultra-romantic Leo, and love-goddess Venus is under pressure from both Uranus and Pluto. Sudden breakthroughs or breakdowns are possible, but so is jealousy and/or suspicion.

Speaking of love, on Wednesday, May 19, make-it-so Saturn in Aquarius canoodles with love-goddess Venus in Gemini. Both planets are in communicative air signs, and inventive enough to spark a flame even with the limitations of social distancing. Flirtations which began virtually may now be ready to transition to a more serious level. Existing relationships can also get on solid footing now. Or, as a couple you may be ready to let more folks into your bubble, if conditions allow.

Money matters also flourish under this influence, as we’re both practical and inventive. Work the network for inspiration and help in finding ingenious solutions. Added to that, Wednesday is the final day of the Sun in Taurus for 2021. Which means the last day to use this stabilizing and back-to-basics energy. This is an excellent time to set the budget or efficiency system in stone.

Because at 3:37 pm EDT on Thursday, the Sun joins thinker Mercury in the zodiac’s most outgoing and multi-tasking sign. Until June 20, Gemini season will put a strong emphasis on busy-ness and getting the word out. One-on-one chats are a fave, as the sign of the Twins likes doing things in twos. It’s also about neighbourhood, and with loosening restrictions comes more chance to explore.

On Friday, May 21, Sol squares off with ebullient Jupiter, which can easily inflate expectations and optimism beyond reason, But the Moon, Neptune and Mercury are also tangling, all in mutable signs. The ensuing uncertainty can help keep us in check so we don’t create a bubble that may later burst when we least suspect it.

The weekend outlook is also a mixed bag, so it’s best to grab the enjoyment where you find it. The Moon will be in social-maven Libra, making it an ideal time to entertain, whether in-person or online. With Mercury square Neptune on Saturday, our overworked mental processes need a break. And lounging in the hammock or marathon binge-watching may provide just the right respite. Saturn turns retrograde on Sunday, further stalling progress. With Mercury now preparing for the impending retrograde period, it’s best to review and deal with items already on the agenda.

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