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Weekly Horoscope: May 15-21, 2023

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of a week! The highs will soar, the lows will plummet, but hang tight and we’ll ultimately arrive at a new, more tranquil and productive destination.

The week starts off with the Moon in self-absorbed Aries. But with Mars in empathic and sensitive Cancer making a trine to psychic Neptune, it’s best to let intuition guide our actions rather than blind self interest. Indulge in self-care; insights can be profound and reassuring.

Tuesday, May 16, marks one the year’s major astrological events—the ingress of mighty Jupiter into Taurus for a year-long stay. This stabilizing sign will help temper our ambitions with a healthy dose of patience and planning. And bring us back to our senses—as in the Big 5 of touch, smell, hear, see and taste. Time to stop and enjoy the daffodils and other delights of spring. And to find joy in simplifying our lives.

Having the planet of expanding horizons in this sign has other benefits. We may find the key to greater financial stability and growth is as near as our own pasture. And find down-to-earth ways to make it happen. Jupiter’s last sojourn in Taurus was from June 2011 to June 2012, so look back to that time for clues of what might happen over the next 12 months.

Mind you, Jupiter makes an ultra-dramatic entrance this time and it may feel like raging Bulls are everywhere! Because the first planet it squares off with is powermonger Pluto. The latter is in Aquarius, remind us that sweeping reforms are needed in society, a whole new way of doing and being. Which clashes with the Taurean need to be practical, to pay the bills and tend to other bottom-line necessities. The clash between these two planets in fixed, stubborn signs could generate a lot of tension, both in our own circle and on the world stage. Best use: lean into radical reform, but be prepared to compromise and respect the bottom line.

Remember what I just said about the good side of Taurus? On Friday, May 19, you may begin to believe me as the New Moon in that sign at 11:53 am kicks off a new cycle. Time to plant new seeds! This lunation in a fruitful earth sign Makes a host of helpful aspects to other planets. This, even though Mars is in a place where normally it would exacerbate the tension of Wednesday’s square aspect. But with abundant supportive aspects countering, whatever action we take will be less about radical deconstruction and more about positive and sustainable (re)construction.

Mars also makes a big shift on Saturday, moving from Cancer to theatrical Leo. And it also tangles with Pluto the same day, a highly polarizing aspect. Power plays may come to a head that day, as everyone feels it is their way or the highway. And drama and aggressive outbursts abound. Or we’ll simply take on too much, like signing up for an Iron Man competition with no previous training. Moderation and tolerance will get us through.

And the all-clear could sound as soon as Sunday when the Sun enters airy Gemini. This brings a lightness and an ability to step back and look with fresh eyes. We’ll also be more open to impromptu socializing with good company and conversation nice side benefits.

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