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Weekly Horoscope: May 11-17, 2020

Mercury shifts into Gemini, giving the great communicator planet home-court advantage just as major players are sidelined.

Our mental processes may stall on Monday, May 11. But expect a major shift around suppertime courtesy of the winged messenger. It then joins amiable Venus and the Sun in the most mentally nimble sign of them all, Gemini. This is primetime for negotiations and presentations, especially if you have to team up with someone. Or master and/or launch a podcast or webinar.

Other changes are on tap for the wee hours of Wednesday, May 13. Just after midnight, can-do Mars begins a long slog through nebulous Pisces. The action planet is uncomfortable in this sign, as it dissipates its fire and drive, often making us uncertain about which action to take. On the positive side, the next six weeks are ideal for going inward, perhaps to take up or devote more time to a mindful practice. Or to devote to healing body and soul and making compassionate gestures.

Mars in Pisces has been known to coincide with lower resistance to infection—not a good thing in these times. It also might prompt us to become laissez-faire, and so we may have to remind ourselves that precautions like hand-washing and distancing are still important.

A few hours later, Venus goes into retrograde motion, making the period from now until June 25 unfavourable for weddings or engagements. As well, other Venus-dominated areas like finances and creative projects, might also stall. Retrograde periods are ideal for reassessing and gathering new info. We may find we have a lot to learn about relating!

In communicative Gemini, a new relationship might bloom through online chat. Or and existing one will go through a renegotiation phase, either in person or at a distance. Endpoint: greater understanding of all relationships.

The next day, Thursday, giant Jupiter also turns retrograde. Over the next four months, we’ll have to rely more on grit and determination, the strengths of Capricorn, the sign it is in, than pure Jupiterian luck. And use them to resist becoming overly pessimistic regarding the current pandemic.

Instead, it’s best to play to another of the sign’s strengths and plan for the future. What does success really mean to you, in an ideal world? Taking the long view and an approach of cautious optimism. Endpoint: deeper awareness of life purpose and meaning.

The Sun shines brightly, figuratively at least, at week’s end. On Friday, May 15, it makes a flowing aspect to power player Pluto. This is an excellent day to approach those in a position to yea-or-nay your ambitions. And to deal deftly and gracefully with any hidden issues that may come to light.

And the weekend ends on an ultra-positive note. On Sunday, the Moon moves into action-minded Aries just as Sol trines jovial Jupiter. It’s a day when it’s easy to be in the right place at the right time, with luck on your side.

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