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Weekly Horoscope: March 9 - 15, 2020

A chaotic cycle culminates with Monday’s Full Moon, providing space to breathe and look ahead.

Every Full Moon provides an opportunity to call a wrap to an issue or set of same in your life. The one that occurred at 1:48 pm EDT was in the sign of Virgo, suggesting that our powers of analysis and discernment need to be applied. For it shines it’s beams on the Sun in scattered and chaotic Pisces opposite, which exactly conjoins nebulous Neptune.

It was also a Supermoon (at point closest to Earth) in the sign also associated with health. And it was conjunct the fixed star Denebola, which noted researcher Ebertin points out is associated with major catastrophes in mundane charts. Sun-Neptune combinations with lowered immune systems. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic that arose in this lunation will be resolved by the next.

On the personal side, messages from our higher selves flood in. If we can let go of the need to be in control or know everything, great awareness can be gained into our life purpose. And for devising a plan to make it real and taking the next step on the path.

It may all seem an impossible dream on Tuesday, March 10, though. Pessimistic and overly cautious Saturn puts body checks on both the Sun and Venus. Relationship or money troubles may disturb the peace, but should prove fleeting.

But just before midnight the night before, Mercury finally ended its retrograde phase. It is now in detached and clear-thinking Aquarius.

Expect a gradual return to normalcy in communications: ease projects off the back burner, call the repairman, upgrade your electronics and so forth. The final all-clear does not sound until the 17th, however.

Jupiter calls the shots on Wednesday, conspiring with the Sun to throw a lucky break or two our way, with a dose of convivial cheer and increased confidence. Friday the 13th, despite its rep, could be surprisingly auspicious for those who let their intuition guide them.

The Moon gallops into expansive Sagittarius on Saturday, March 14. It forms a confident trine to healer asteroid Chiron. For those who the initiative, practical information can be found that will help allay fears surrounding health.

It also sparks the wanderlust, an impulse hits a wall on Sunday. A big trip may have to be put on hold, most likely because of COVID-19 uncertainty. Best outlet: exploring uncharted interior territory through meditation or other centering work.

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