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Weekly Horoscope: March 6-12, 2023

A Full Moon week lies ahead, prompting an uber spring clean of our lives.

The week gets off to an inventive start with the Pisces Sun in sextile aspect to Uranus. Creative solutions abound, and we just have to tap in. Pay special attention to your dreams; they could be quite revealing.

The current lunar cycle comes to a dramatic climax on Tuesday, March 7, at 7:40 am ET with the Full Moon in Virgo. All such lunations are about awareness. This one brings an urgency to work on cleaning up our acts, from health to personal spaces. Whatever you let pile up during the cocooning months suddenly feels suffocating. Just don’t try to overhaul everything all at once! With hasty Mars goading, we could throw out the baby (relationship, job, home) out with the bathwater. Take a hint from this ultra-organized sign and channel busy-ness into making to-do lists and prioritizing tasks.

On the same day, Saturn enters Pisces for a two-year stay. Expect to ease into the mystical, mutable world of the Fishes between now and February 2026. The shift will help us get in the swim with the new normal that has been emerging over the past 3 years. And more in touch with our emotional and spiritual lives. A new spirit of compassion could emerge.

It’s time to get real about making our dreams a reality, too. And for whatever we put out into the collective consciousness. Are you part of the solution or adding to the negativity? Both Saturn and Pisces have to do with karma. What goes around could come around now, for both ourselves and the planet.

The focus shifts to relating on Wednesday, as the Moon enters partnership-minded Libra. with very few aspects, we’re able to seek some balance—the sign’s other specialty—amidst all the change/

Thursday’s trends try to throw Luna off balance. An opposition to Jupiter early on may exaggerate our feelings about something important. Aspects that follow make it hard to reach consensus with anyone and to a mood of discouragement, mercifully fleeting.

Watch a tendency to set up confrontational situations early in the day on Friday. But later, a lovely sextile between love goddess Venus in direct and impulsive Aries and Mars in spontaneous Gemini augers well for impromptu romantic plans. With Luna in sultry Scorpio, passions run high.

Saturday, though, things could get sidetracked on the relationship front. The Moon opposes erratic Uranus late in the day, so any changes to schedule won’t go over very well. We’re able to go with the flow, but resistance builds friction. Sunday is about as mellow as a Moon in Scorpio can be. We’re able to communicate our feelings with ease, sometimes with only non-verbal cues, which helps smooth the way in all our relationships. After which, a flowing trine to Neptune reminds us of remarkable and enduring power of forgiveness.

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