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Weekly Horoscope: March 27-April 2, 2023

Time to walk the talk! A week of highly positive and productive energy lies ahead. Last week’s New Moon in Aries sparked a burning desire for adventure and new things, and now we can both verbalize and act on them.

It all gets off to a slow start on Monday, though, with a Mercury-Saturn aspect creating an air of pessimism. But much can be accomplished when it comes to practical thinking. And optimism does make a gradual comeback, building during the day.

In contrast, Tuesday's mood is off-the-charts ebullient. For the winged messenger planet, which deals with communications and mental activity, aligns with expansive Jupiter. In Aries, this combo fires us with a desire to express ourselves. Time to speak out and share your vision boldly. With the Moon in tender Cancer, though, make sure your pitch touches the heart. Some might be inspired by a person who does so, but make sure to check credentials before handing over any cash.

Teamwork is easy to come by early on Wednesday, as Luna makes nice with a sensible and cooperative Venus in Taurus. But later in the day, hasty decisions and people can threaten the status quo.

Which is further challenged on Thursday, March 30, as love goddess Venus conjoins erratic Uranus. It’s definitely not business as usual when these two get together, but shakeups can also bring fresh starts in a better place. In a sensual sign, this combo often sparks bolt-from-the-blue romances…or breakups. But all relationships, personal and professional move to a next level of excitement.

To help us look before we leap, on the same day Mars in Cancer forms a fruitful alliance with stabilizing Saturn in Pisces. Our EQ soars to new levels, helping us to read between the lines, discover others’ real motives and make better decisions. And since these planets are flowing together thanks to a cooperative water trine, we’re able to work in tandem, instinctively knowing how to be in synch with others and the universe.

The mood shifts dramatically on the weekend, with the Moon in outgoing, fun-loving Leo on Friday and Saturday. April Fool’s pranks may be especially creative! And get off to an early start with Luna squaring surprising Uranus in the morning, though Venus’ involvement could mean some misfires. The Moon makes harmonious aspects after that, making it the ideal day to get out and celebrate with friends.

After so much upbeat energy, we may welcome Sunday’s more reflective energy, thanks to the Moon’s shift into Virgo. Overdid it during the week? This health-conscious sign helps us ramp up the self-care. Mid-day could bring some frustrations, as we’re also reminded of spring-cleaning and other chores. But later in the afternoon we slip into a highly productive track.

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