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Weekly Horoscope: March 23-29, 2020

The world and the COVID-19 crisis are "too much with us late and soon" as the week begins. But the overwhelm soon gives way as hope and fresh energy spring forth, and helpful new allies appear.

Pandemic-generated uncertainty consumes us on Monday, March 23. An aggressive Mars conspires with secretive Pluto in the sign that rules authority and heads of state, Capricorn. Recent decisions by the folks in charge have been well-meaning but, to we who must endure them, also harsh and sweeping.

We’re naturally braced for more to come. And with the Moon in Pisces, may feel helpless in the face of it all. It’s a good day to keep the prescribed social distance and as some folks may rage against restrictions. And with this combo we have to be on the alert for those who will try to circumvent the system.

But it can also empower us all to reach deep. Fight the fear and tap into our survival instincts (Pluto) while still doing the responsible thing (Saturn).

Tuesday brings a New Moon at 5:28 am ET that promises a fresh start. In the sign of Aries, it kicks off a 28-day cycle in which we have more energy to embrace the new order of things. And to do so fired with enthusiasm and newfound courage. The sign of the Ram loves a challenge!

The lunation squares the nodal axis, indicating that as we look forward, we will do so with new purpose. And a sense that even small actions now are laden with implications regarding our life direction and purpose. It’s a good time to set goals, big and small, even if we’re not sure how or when we will achieve them. Gaining control over small challenges will give us the courage to tackle the bigger ones.

Expect some turbulence and impatience on Wednesday, March 25, when the Moon squares off with both Jupiter and Pluto. Resist the urge to over-react.

But by Thursday morning, it will have drifted into tranquility-seeking Taurus, where it will stay until Saturday evening. The Moon in this home-loving sign helps us accept our limited access to the outside world. But a square to Uranus in the evening may trigger an act of rebellion. Look for ways to break the routine that don't do an end run around the rules.

Venus is now the brightest planet in the sky, and provides a beacon of saving grace. The planet of love and life’s pleasures makes a harmonious trine to jovial Jupiter. Time to lead with the heart and connect in a big way, safely off or online. Or, as astronaut Chris Hadfield suggested in his video on things to do when you’re self-isolating, explore a talent. It might open new creative universes.

The good vibes continue on Saturday. And since Taurus is also a practical sign, we might clear up a few old chores while we’re at it. Creative closet organization, anyone?

The Moon shifts to active and verbal Gemini on Sunday. A conjunction to the health-conscious asteroid Hygeia early in the day might prompt us to take a longer walk (keeping a two-metre distance, of course). Or look for new workout videos or ways to exercise with others virtually.

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