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Weekly Horoscope: March 20-26, 2023

Spring forward into Aries season! The spring equinox brings turbocharged energy for epic fresh starts.

Aries season officially gets underway at 5:24 pm ET on Monday with the first day of spring, also the astrological New Year. And International Astrology Day.

A fresh new cycle is ushered in, made more dramatic by the shift from introverted Pisces to the energetic, outgoing sign of the Ram. This fire sign blazes away the cobwebs of winter and goads us to take physical action, and at top speed! The spring-cleaning impulse, real or metaphorical, could strike with a vengeance. Just cool the jets should a me-first or competitive urge goes into overdrive.

Not quite ready for takeoff? Good, because it’s best to start afresh with a new project, job or other big move at least 24 hours after the New Moon on Tuesday, March 21, at 1:23 pm ET. This is an optimal time to talk about and/or take the first steps towards those big goals. Set meetings, cross items off the to-do list with lightning speed, grasp that new opportunity. for blast off with all cylinders firing.

Note: On April 20 we get a rare second Aries New Moon, this time also a potent solar eclipse. Which could take things to a whole new level!

Luna continues to wear the Wonder Woman suit on Wednesday, when a meetup with expansive Jupiter increases the confidence levels. Which leads into Thursday, and a major paradigm shift that ushers in a whole new era! Potent Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time since the late 18th century, a time that brought sweeping social reforms and even revolution.

But the dwarf planet’s sign shifts take place over time. Since 2008, its journey through Capricorn has devastated and transformed major institutions; this transit began and is now ending with bank failures, for instance. Until June 11, we get a preview of what this monumental shift into Aquarius will mean for us on both societal and personal levels. Thos born in the first days of fixed signs—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius—will feel it first.

With the Moon in comfort-loving Taurus on Friday, we are tempted to hunker in the bunker and absorb some of the change around us. But a square to Uranus come evening makes long for more excitement.

Saturday dawns with another planet shifting signs, this time action-oriented Mars going into home-loving Cancer. After seven long months in Gemini, now we can get out of our heads and into our emotions. And will no doubt take cast a critical eye on our abodes. Time for a refresh or upgrade? Warning: hot-blooded Mars in this domestic sign can also ramp up friction with housemates. Everyone is touchier, and patience is hard to come by—but try for the sake of peace.

We’ll have ample opportunity to talk things out on Sunday. The Moon in Gemini brings some objectivity and chattiness. And exploring the neighborhood in fresh spring air helps revive the senses.

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