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Weekly Horoscope: March 15-21, 2021

Not quite ready to spring forward? Expect a blast of fresh air as soon as this weekend and the equinox. Meanwhile, the final days of winter can bring deep inner fulfilment.

The week kicks off with the Moon in the can-do sign of Aries, bringing a note of optimism. Late Monday, mental Mercury plunges into Pisces’ placid waters. Until April 3, our thinking will be more aligned with the psychic, creative and romantic cycle kicked of by Saturday’s New Moon. This is an optimal cycle for deep diving into the subconscious and exploring new spiritual territory. Investing in higher qualities like gratitude and forgiveness will be repaid multifold.

On Tuesday, March 16, the Sun in intuitive Pisces gets a big assist from Pluto in practical, results-oriented Capricorn. Which makes it easier to align our idealistic vision to achieve real results and down-to-earth projects. Some lurking nagging doubts may interfere, though, so effort is needed to keep the faith.

Relationships come under the microscope on Wednesday. And with Venus in uncomfortable aspect to Saturn, we may not like what we see. Complete honesty and extra effort are needed to get all viewpoints in alignment.

Thursday, March 19, dawns with the Moon still in quietly romantic and steadfast Taurus. On the same day, Venus and Pluto canoodle in a way that encourages passion and greater intimacy. Non-romantic relationships also benefit from this supportive and grounding influence. All that’s missing is the hugs Taurus craves.

The love-in is over as soon as that evening when the Moon enters active Gemini. The flashpoint: when she collides with feisty Mars at 2:43 pm ET on Friday. Sparks may fly but are soon extinguished. Fortunately, this is a sign that is open to talking things out. The busy-ness factor may be off the charts, too. Spring cleaning, anyone?

Saturday, March 21, marks the astrological new year, also the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. The Sun enters the bold and enterprising sign of Aries at 5:37 am ET. We can throw open the doors to a whole new exuberant and single-minded focus. Life is for living as far as this fire sign is concerned. And our thinking and planning will be nothing short of inspired, thanks to a Mercury-Uranus sextile exact the following day. New creative approaches now will lead to unique results down the road.

Until this time, it’s best to clean up any left-over issues from the previous Pisces cycle. To prepare by getting our emotional and spiritual houses in order. Because from the 21st on, opportunities abound to make real progress towards our new realities. And the Aries pioneering spirit sets us briskly down the trail.

We may feel like pulling into our shells on Sunday when the Moon enters Cancer. But Venus also enters Aries, making us restless in relationships and open to starting something new. On the same day, Mars in multi-tasking Gemini makes a harmonious trine to Saturn, helping us to set priorities based on our highest vision.

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