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Weekly Horoscope: March 14-20, 2022

That spring cleaning impulse sets in early. In a week that culminates with a Full Moon in Virgo and the vernal equinox, it’s time to get your metaphorical house in order!

The week kicks off with the Moon in fiercely proud and demonstrative Leo. It squares off with erratic Uranus mid-afternoon, cautioning that if we fly our freak flags too prominently, there will be pushback. And from those we least suspect.

It’s back to business on Tuesday, and likely dealing with the fallout and/or hangover from the previous day.

Our energy levels will lag on Wednesday, March 16, as action-star Mars makes an enervating aspect with Neptune. A sense of aimlessness may lie at the root of any ennui. And with Luna now in health-conscious Virgo, this could be an optimal day for strategic self-care.

By St. Patrick’s Day, serendipity and creative thinking are favoured as mindful Mercury makes a productive sextile to inventive Uranus. As well, Luna opposes expansive Jupiter, adding a party-hearty fuel to any celebrations. It also helps us to expand our vision exponentially. Can we balance logic and practicality achieving our heart’s desires? This could be the day to find out.

The year’s Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 3:18 am ET on Friday. With no major stressful aspects, it really is time for a much-needed breather. Pluto, the planet behind much of the current upheaval on the world scene, finally makes a harmonious and empowering aspect.

All such lunations are about polarization as the Sun and Moon stand opposite in the sky, hopefully shedding light and awareness. Virgo thrives in a Kondo-ish orderly world where logic, skepticism and common sense prevail. Pisces, where the Sun still lingers, is all about the seemingly chaotic great and limitless sea of human consciousness, much lying out of bounds from normal perception.

An urge to get a jump on spring cleaning now could be symbolic that a deeper reordering is in order. Time to tie up loose ends and tend to any messy areas of your life! And as you work, hold in mind your very highest goals. You could get some insight into whether or not you were made for bigger things. Or should be devoting yourself to a higher and/or more worthy cause.

Expect the unexpected in relationships on Saturday. Love goddess Venus in high-minded Aquarius squares off with disruptive Uranus. Excitement is in the air when it comes to socializing or artistic projects. Just be prepared to wing it, as people can act erratically. Breathe and be spontaneous, and .

Sunday, March 20 marks the spring equinox. Astrologers think of it as the real New Year, a time when the world gets an energetic kick start and chance to reset with Aries season. A fire sign, it helps us reclaim our inner fire and passions. And to do so proactively; this is a time embrace boldness and implement projects. Our risk tolerance increases along with our initiative. But with the Moon at the final degree of cooperative Libra, we might best keep in mind that we really aren’t in this alone.

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