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Weekly Horoscope: March 11-17, 2024

Take a March break as the stars align to create a dreamy, laid-back scenario, a breather before an active equinox and eclipse season ahead.


On Monday, March 11, Venus the planet of love and beauty, falls into the embrace of spiritual and imaginative Pisces. This is a sublime rendezvous for the love goddess and muse, bringing a dreamy new wave of romance and simpatico to relationships. Not to mention an outpouring of off-the charts creativity. For the next three weeks, seek new connections and nurture old ones, letting intuition and imagination guide you.


The downside: this combo believes in rose-coloured glasses and can make us want to see only the good side in people and events. As well, the law of attraction could bring tangible results, so remember to keep all visualizations on the positive side. Since both Saturn (duty, manifestation) and Neptune (dreams, spiritual life) are also in the sign, we can build castles in the air. Just remember it can take time to lay the groundwork for living in them.


On Tuesday, the Moon is in active Aries, and early on makes a helpful aspect to the sign’s fave planet, Mars. It immediately goes what is known as void of course, running renegade and not relating to any other celestial body. Like Mercury retrograde, it brings a spell of confusion and plans being difficult to realize. Which in impatient Aries can lead to frustration if we’re not careful.


The Moon is in peaceful Taurus by Wednesday, helping us get back to business and exercise common sense. It meets up with good-time Jupiter later in the day, and so the evening may be devoted to the pursuit of simple pleasures and savouring every moment.


Thursday’s scenario is less calm at the start. Luna squares off with erratic Uranus, so best-laid plans may be derailed. Though difficult now, a flexible attitude and willingness to compromise will help put them back on track. Harmony reigns come afternoon, an optimal time for realizing a cherished dream. And for enjoying the arts or romance.


The Moon will be in chatty, sociable Gemini on Friday. We roll merrily along until early evening, when a square to Saturn could throw cold water on our plans for enjoyment. Fortunately, It is short lived.


The St. Patrick’s Day weekend outlook brings plenty of lively aspects that encourage spring frolic. On Saturday, it’s all systems to until late evening. Lunar squares to the Sun and Neptune can cloud our reasoning and make us prone to overindulge. Or even wander into unsavory situations if not vigilant.


The Moon moves into its home sign of Cancer on Sunday. And the Sun is snuggles up to Neptune, further encouraging a desire to nest (perhaps to nurse the hangover from the night before).


With both the Sun and Neptune in out-there and artistic Pisces, we may want to lose ourselves in binge-watching, a good novel, gallery stroll or other such pursuit.  This conjunction in a spiritual sign also can help us bridge the gap between soul and ego; spending time in mindful pursuits or in nature can lead to important realizations, even breakthroughs.


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