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Weekly Horoscope: June 8-14, 2020

Attention must be paid. The same aspects that spurred the Black Lives Matter movement continue to gain momentum. But on a personal level, Neptune’s strong presence urges us to also make time to retreat and rethink.

Monday, June 8, sees the week off to an intense start with a down-to-business Moon in Capricorn merging with power-hungry Pluto. It then moves on for a one-on-one with Jupiter, bolstering our ambitions and adding a note of cautious optimism. Get it in writing by 2 pm ET, before it goes void of course, though.

Luna enters progressive Aquarius at 8:54 pm, a trend that will continue for the next two days. We can identify the new and different experiences we want to embrace, but may have hurdles to overcome before we do.

It’s hard to focus on Tuesday as the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 1:29 pm ET. It’s best to go with the erratic flow and take extra stress-reducing measures to calm our nerves. By mid’afternoon, a pleasant trine with Venus creates ideal conditions for Zoom to either check in with friends or network.

On Wednesday, June 10, a perturbing sesquiquadrate between Venus and Pluto could cloud the relationship picture. Suspicions run rife but are no doubt unfounded. And if any efforts to “get to the bottom of things, once and for all” will only meet with frustration.

Thursday sees the usually mentally clear Gemini Sun lost in Neptune's thick fog. In an annual square aspect, it’s hard to mean what you say or say what you mean. Or if you express yourself, your auditors may hear something completely different. Fake news and wild-eyed conspiracy theories may flood our feeds and inboxes.

It’s best to make extra effort to keep ourselves grounded. Yoga in the park or gardening, whatever helps us keep one toe on terra firma. Or, take some time off for quality hammock time or a short getaway to let the mind drift. It could open highly creative new vistas.

The morning of Friday, June 12, brings a temporary clearing. We’re able to get the word out with clarity, and conversations bear fruit. The fog then rolls in again, as the Moon in nebulous Pisces meets activator Mars on Saturday afternoon. We may see a resurgence of last weekend’s activism, as people are impelled to demonstrate their anger and ideals. This time, the message could get muddled or response go off track.

In close relationships, it’s best to not over-idealize someone. And it can lower resistance to infections, so maintaining distance and keeping up with other anti-COVID-19 measures are a must.

Sunday, June 14, begins with the Moon in active Mars making nice with Venus. Early lovebirds can experience an easy blend of romance and passion. Later, indications are best for solo activities.

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