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Weekly Horoscope: June 7-13, 2021

Eclipse season hits a crescendo with a solar eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, shedding light on how we might up our games.

A serene scenario prevails on Monday, thanks to the Moon in Taurus. It provides an oasis of calm after a hyperactive weekend. The trend continues until mid-afternoon the next day. An optimal time for taking it easy out of the heat, and indulging in crafts, cooking or gardening.

There is always a kind of hush or pause prior to an eclipse. That is certainly true on Wednesday when the Moon in usually chatty, hyper-busy and communicative Gemini will find us all more subdued and introspective than usual.

On Thursday, June 10, at 6:53 am EDT the year's only New Moon in Gemini arrives with a mission. For it is a solar eclipse, something that occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align in the sky in a special way. For they touch the North and South Nodes, two points in the Moon’s orbit that for the cosmically attuned have much to do with karma and destiny. Even non-believers can experience giant leaps forward in their lives over the next 6 months, for better or for worse.

Mercury is retrograde, though, and confusing Neptune is also involved. I’ll post more about the eclipse with coping strategies later. Until then, try to cut your schedule back to a minimum this week. Take time each day to centre and detach; look for patterns emerging. (You will need the information later.) And do try to look on the light side at least once a day.

If things aren’t working out or you feel like you’re unravelling, now is not the time to yank on the thread! Instead, put the old song “Let it Go” on your playlist or, better yet, sing it at the top of your lungs. If you’re making progress on something you started before, keep going. Consider accelerating with caution.

A blast of fresh energy comes on Friday, as action planet Mars moves from cautious, worry-wart Cancer into bold and showy Leo. This dynamic combo knows how to put on those dancing shoes and boogie on! After so long in lockdown, there’s sure to be a stampede to nightclubs, terraces, beaches and other venues devoted to the good life. And those out to cherchez l’amour will take the hunt offline with a vengeance. Creative projects come off the drawing board and into the limelight.

But don’t leave home without safety precautions in mind. Mercury is still retrograde until June 22. Plus, the Sun square nebulous Neptune aspect is exact on Sunday. This lethargic combo creates ideal conditions for lazing in a hammock or working on your journal or sketchbook. But we can also find ourselves being too trusting, even gullible; not a good day to buy a used car! And it may be best to screen calls from people who way to play on your sympathetic nature. Easy fix: Just stay in the hammock!

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